Every Child Deserves a Team!

We know you want every student to succeed, but it can be stressful trying to do it alone. Collaborative Response is how you can maximize your teams to respond to the needs of ALL students.

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Collaborative Response:
Three Foundational Components that Transform How we Respond to the Needs of Learners

Take a deep dive into practical strategies, case studies, and resources that showcase the impact of Collaborative Response to respond to the needs of every learner, all in one comprehensive book.

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Joanna Landry
"A great framework for school level planning!"
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Joanna Landry
Superintendent of Education Services
Regina Catholic Schools Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

David Dyck - Regina Catholic Schools Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
"Collaborative Response provides a well-researched, flexible framework from which to address and support individual student learning needs."
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David Dyck
Education Director
Calgary Board of Education

Melissa Kerr - Calgary Board of Education
"The best professional learning opportunity a school leader can participate in!"
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Melissa Kerr
Mundare School - Elk Island Public Schools

Leslee Jodry - Mundare School - Elk Island Public Schools
"They are dedicated professionals and lifelong learners who always put students at the center of the work!"
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Leslee Jodry
Deputy Superintendent
Northern Gateway Public Schools

Lori Knoblauch - Northern Gateway Public Schools
"Collaborative Response allows us to pool our expertise so none of us have to know everything, but together we can find a solution!"
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Lori Knoblauch
Vice Principal & Inclusive Education Coach
Peace River High School

Mike Flieger - Peace River High School
"The most impactful structure that my schools have implemented!"
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Mike Flieger
Elm Street School - MHPSD # 76

Pamela Guilbault - Elm Street School - MHPSD # 76
"We have seen increased efficacy, confidence, and collaboration at all levels!"
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Pamela Guilbault
Lakeland Catholic School Division

Nicole Townsend - Lakeland Catholic School Division
"Collaborative Response is the missing piece!"
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Nicole Townsend
Buck Mountain Central School

Kristien Holtby - Buck Mountain Central School
"Our implementation of Collaborative Response in partnership with Jigsaw Learning, has had a transformative impact which has been remarkable!"
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Kristien Holtby
Director of Educational Services
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools

Lori Cooper - Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools
"Our professional learning has been transformative!"
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Lori Cooper
Education Director
Calgary Board of Education

Terri Peterson - Calgary Board of Education
"Collaborative Response is the framework that Edmonton Catholic leaders and teachers are engaging in!"
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Terri Peterson
Superintendent, Learning Services
Edmonton Catholic Schools

Raymonde Roulston - Edmonton Catholic Schools
"Collaborative Response has provided a structure to collectively increase our capacity to serve a greater number of students."
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Raymonde Roulston
Director - Early Childhood Education and Learning Support Services
Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools

Nicole Chan - Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools
"Collaborative Response has been a transformational model for all of our teams through grade levels PK-12!"
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Nicole Chan
Director of Curriculum
Regional School Unit 24 Sullivan, Maine, United States of America

Shan Jorgenson-Adam - Regional School Unit 24 Sullivan, Maine, United States of America
"The Collaborative Response process has had a profound impact on how we address the learning needs of not only our students but our administrators and teachers as well!"
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Shan Jorgenson-Adam
Deputy Superintendent
Battle River School Division

Dr. Rita Marler - Battle River School Division
"Kurtis and his team at Jigsaw Learning have helped transform how we do our work in our school division"
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Dr. Rita Marler
Superintendent of Schools
Battle River School Division

Adam Murray - Battle River School Division
"We are seeing huge benefits!"
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Adam Murray
Peace River School Division

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