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We know you want every student to succeed, but it can be stressful trying to do it alone. Jigsaw Learning provides you with the tools to collaboratively create learning solutions with your team.

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We are the leaders in Collaborative Response!

Collaborative Response is a school framework that values collaborative, action focused responses, data-informed discussions, and timely support to ensure all students can experience success. Join the hundreds of schools and districts embracing Collaborative Response as an organizational mindset to respond to the needs of students, while enhancing the professional capacity and collective efficacy across the entire school or system!

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Who is Jigsaw Learning?

Get to know us a little better including how we can support organizations in a number of areas.

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Through a Collaborative Response lens, we can provide support in the following areas:

Beginning Teachers

A teacher's first years can make or break their experience and may influence them throughout their career. Establishing or strengthening your beginning teacher program to ensure consistency will lead to increased efficacy in classrooms as well as staff retention.

Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

Determining essential outcomes, developing purposeful assessment plans,and delivering “best practice” learning opportunities are key factors in supporting students. Clear expectations and strategic implementation of curriculum, assessment, and instruction focus are crucial for school success.

Digital Supports

The effective implementation and sustainability of digital solutions in schools can be complex and challenging on many levels. To truly make a difference for the success of students, it necessitates a robust roll-out and coordinated learning plan.

Early Years

The investment in early years is integral to a solid support system across a school or district. Establishing beliefs, shared vision, common purpose and developing collective capacity are all elements of establishing the foundations for early learning.

Educational Assistants

Educational Assistants play an important role in every school. Articulating roles and responsibilities of educational assistants as well as understanding the important work they do is integral to how they effectively support students and families. Explore an online educational assistant learning series available for asynchronous learning opportunities.

Indigenous Partner Support

Our team has experience working with Educational Authorities to provide supports in a number of areas that honour and respect culture, relationships and indigenous ways of knowing and being.

Inclusive Supports

Providing a consistent, well articulated system of Inclusive Supports is an integral part of how a school ensures effective learning opportunities for all. Scaffolding teams, exploring and advancing the principles of inclusion and articulating processes and structures are important elements of inclusive supports.


Literacy is a primary focus for all schools and districts. While every classroom and every teacher engages in literacy practices, there is a wealth of learning in providing effective literacy programming and assessment.


Attaining strong skills in numeracy is an indicator of successful academic achievement and lifelong learning for which all schools and districts strive. Our team can support teachers and leaders in creating a foundational understanding of numeracy through a balanced approach that focuses on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

Online Learning

Online teaching and learning requires a systemic understanding of what this type of learning involves and consideration of its associated best practices. To ensure students and families experience success online a variety of mediums, approaches, and contexts should be considered. Our team can help!

Responsive Behaviour Support

Establishing Responsive Behaviour Support ensures positive learning experiences for all. The implementation of a behaviour continuum of supports, behaviour matrix and the focus on establishing routines are all integral components of a responsive behaviour system.

Reviews and Documentation

Our team can work with your organization to conduct external reviews, develop documentation and other resources, and provide feedback, particularly on your Collaborative Response structures and processes.

School Leadership

School leadership is a challenging yet rewarding experience. Supporting school leaders through coaching and mentoring can ensure leadership success, impact and higher levels of retention.

System Leadership

System leaders require a vast expanse of skill sets as well as the ability to guide and support others. Visioning and engaging in effective strategic planning provides the context for working with teams and moving a system to success.

Wellness and Community

As we are faced with troubling and uncertain times, we seek solutions that will fill the gaps being created in new circumstances. Building a thriving conscious community begins with the examination of each individual and reflecting on how we know and understand ourselves. Our togetherness can be explicitly and intentionally grown to build a community that provides for all of its members.

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​A great framework for school level planning! The Collaborative Response framework has guided our school division to have deep and meaningful conversations around school level data.
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Joanna Landry
Superintendent of Education Services - Regina Catholic Schools Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Collaborative Response will be PRSD’s vehicle for change! Coming together as a staff to analyze where students have learning gaps and then targeting supports makes all the difference in the world for a child. We all need to be on the same team when it comes to student success and we are seeing huge benefits from Collaborative Response as it sets the table for increased student achievement at every grade level and subject area within Peace River School Division!
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Adam Murray
Superintendent - Peace River School Division

As we begin our journey with implementing Collaborative Response as a school-wide framework, it is rewarding to have so many excellent resources available to our leadership team and to our staff. We are excited about building a richer, deeper model for collaboration among all of our staff members and for being more intentional about supporting all of our students. Kurtis, Lorna and the Jigsaw Learning team have been invaluable in providing informative videos, templates, articles, and learning opportunities that are guiding our leadership team in leading professional development for our staff.
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Karen Currie
Principal - Kamloops Christian School

Collaborative Response has been instrumental in changing the lives of both staff and students at Ballina Coast High School.
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Janeen Silcock
Principal - Ballina Coast High School - Ballina, New South Wales, Australia

Collaborative Response has provided Southern Cross Public School with purposeful and impactful structures and practices to support meaningful teacher collaboration and improve outcomes for all students.
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Leigh Toscan
Learning and Support Teacher - Southern Cross Public School - Ballina, New South Wales, Australia

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Online Educator Learning Series

This series will focus on uniting online teachers in a collaborative forum dedicated to allowing them to share strategies that could implemented in particular focus areas. It is a virtual Collaborative Team Meeting for online teachers that may not have connections within their districts.

September 29, 2021 | Author: Nadine Wood | Read Article
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October 22, 2021 | Author: Kurtis Hewson | Read Article
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