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The first week of school is a crucial time in setting the tone for the remainder of the year. Through careful planning and thoughtful design, a successful first week can build the foundation for classroom culture and community. Through this online course you will develop a plan for the first week of school, which will include preparing your environment and getting to know your students before they walk through the door, and essential lessons and activities to get your year started positively and effectively.

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Looking for help preparing for your first classroom?

We know that beginning teachers work tirelessly in their first year and that the learning curve is steep. You don't have to do it alone!

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Check out our growing list of online courses designed by experienced teachers, full of numerous resources, templates and samples, that will help you experience success in your first classroom.

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The challenges teachers new to the profession face are complex. We know that as a district, it may be difficult to provide the support to bridge the gap that your beginning teachers need. Let us help design a plan that can provide the support and mentorship needed for our newest colleagues.

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Looking to build your toolbox for utilizing technology in your classroom?

The effective utilization of online tools is a must for every beginning teacher!

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