5 Considerations When Refining Tier 1 of your Continuums of Supports

Establishing your big rocks by refining Tier 1 ensure common understanding and common practises across the school!

Research supports the assumption that Tier 1 is the foundation for all other supports across the school. When classroom practises are clearly articulate and understood by every teacher, we increase the chances of success for our students.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • 5 considerations for refining Tier 1 of your continuum of supports

Refining Tier 1: Explore the impact of establishing consistent classroom practices!

In this workshop, Lorna will reveal 5 considerations for schools when refining Tier 1 practices.

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March 19, 2024 - 10:30 am - 12:00 pm MST

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Join Lorna in this Supporting Collaborative Response workshop to learn more about…

  • Importance of establishing common Tier 1 practices
  • Regular and systematic review of Tier 1 creates the non-negotiables for classrooms
  • Process for establishing and clearly defining ‘big rocks’ for all classrooms within a determined priority areas
  • Creating accessible and aligned resources
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Presenter Information

Lorna Hewson is a passionate educator who is engaged full time with Jigsaw Learning as a Lead Learner and co-author of the Corwin Best Seller Collaborative Response: Three Foundational Components That Transform How We Respond to the Needs of Student. Lorna’s diverse roles in schools and districts has provided a wealth of experience in essentially every area of development in supporting the needs of schools, staff and students. With Jigsaw Learning, Lorna engages in a variety of support structures with systems, including coaching, mentoring, leading and facilitating schools and districts in the areas of Collaborative Response, designing and coordinating teams throughout systems, building literacy and early years frameworks, and designing inclusive learning frameworks.

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