Kurtis Hewson

As Lead Leader and co-founder of Jigsaw Learning, Kurtis has championed the call for collaborative structures in schools to ensure success for all students and enhance the collective efficacy of those dedicated educators working in classrooms.

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Jennifer Ferguson

Jennifer Ferguson readily engages in opportunities to build her capacity as a leader and as a result her journey has led her into a unique role with Jigsaw Learning. Jennifer leads districts and schools in the implementation of the WeCollab and Dossier software platforms, each purposefully designed to align with the Collaborative Response Model framework.

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Lorna Hewson

Lorna Hewson is a passionate educator who is engaged full time with Jigsaw Learning as a Lead Learner and co-author of Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model. Lorna’s diverse roles in schools and districts has provided a wealth of experience in essentially every area of development in supporting the needs of schools, staff and students.

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Nadine Wood

Nadine Wood is the Executive Assistant with Jigsaw Learning. She brings over 15 years of administrative experience to the table with expertise in scheduling, writing skills and project coordination.

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Cheryl Gascoyne

Cheryl has provided support and direction to new teachers and experienced teachers alike from universal classroom practice to designing specialized interventions for individual or small groups of students.

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Amber Hester

Amber Hester is a highly skilled leader and strategic planner at the systems level with a number of years of experience at the school and district level. Her exceptional strategic planning skills are highly valued and sought after by district and school leaders!

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Barb Pears

Barb Pears is a skillful educator particularly in the area of behavior support and social emotional wellness. She is adept at fostering collaborative, respectful, supportive teaching and learning environments for students, families and staff.

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Lana Nogue

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