Looking for a way to receive valuable content to support your ongoing learning?

What can you expect when you subscribe to a Network?

When you subscribe for free to a Jigsaw Learning Network, you can expect every Tuesday to receive resources related to the Network's area of focus, including

  • Exclusive content
  • Resources, templates and samples
  • Links to blog postings and articles
  • Additional learning opportunities
  • Video and podcast content
  • Notification of upcoming webinars

Each Network is different but aims to provide you with curated content brought to you in bite-sized learning formats!

    Available Networks

    Collaborative Response - Subscribe now to receive free resources, video content, access to webinars and more, all to help support the Collaborative Response work in your school and/or district!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to subscribe to a Network?

    Absolutely nothing!! Networks are free to subscribe.

    How often will I be receiving emails?

    When you first join a Network, you will receive a welcome email, sharing a valuable article or resource (depending on the particular Network). Emails are then sent on every Tuesday afternoon (with the exception of a Christmas and Summer break, during which emails are not sent). Subscribers are notified when the Christmas and Summer breaks begin and end.

    Am I allowed to forward any Network emails or resources that are shared with me in the weekly emails?

    You bet! Please share widely within your own Network or better yet, encourage your colleagues and staff members to join a Network.

    Can I unsubscribe at any time?

    Yes you can! Each email has an "unsubscribe" option to stop receiving the emails at any point you wish.

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