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Leading Collaborative Response Podcast

Leading organizations with intentionality and purpose is complex work, and dedicated leaders work tirelessly each and every day to build impactful cultures of collaboration! But effective collaboration is difficult and messy. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone! Join the Jigsaw Learning team for Leading Collaborative Response, sharing insights for leaders committed to establishing, refining and deepening Collaborative Response in their organization.

Putting the Pieces Together Podcast

Putting the Pieces Together with Jigsaw Learning focuses on stories from the field as leaders implement Collaborative Response. Join us every month as we invite our partners to share how they are meeting the diverse needs of students with the integral understanding that every child deserves a team!

Building a Culture of Collaboration Podcast

We all understand the positive impact and drive that comes from being part of an effective team. When teams are less than effective, lack of productivity, frustration, and disengagement take over. Intentional and purposeful focus on building a culture of collaboration is the secret for leaders striving to make a difference. In Building a Culture of Collaboration, Kurtis and Lorna Hewson will share simple tips, ideas, and strategies to take your organization's collaborative efforts to the next level.

The Why Behind Collaborative Response

Short segments from Kurtis and Lorna Hewson that explain the why behind different elements of Collaborative Response. These scripted short videos are intended to be used by school leaders when introducing different elements of Collaborative Response to their staff team.

Podcast Episodes Featuring Our Team

Creating Collaborative School Structures to Support Students

In this episode, Lead Learner, Kurtis Hewson walks us through how to establish responsive relationships within schools to design collaborative frameworks for educators and develop leadership capacity at all levels.

He will also introduce the concept of a collaborative team meeting, an essential meeting layer that is solutions-focused and action-oriented by using data to focus on students closest to meeting expectations, in order to establish universal instructional responses and to develop a continuum of supports at all levels.

Access Podcast

Collaborative does not always mean productive or responsive. Earmarking time in the day for educators to meet and discuss the needs of children is essential, but only if these meetings scale solutions and build teacher capacity.

In this episode find out how you can efficiently respond to the needs of individual and small groups of students while building your school’s overall collective efficacy.

Access Podcast

In this podcast episode Lead Learner Kurtis Hewson talks about Collaborative Response and how it can change how you approach meeting student needs.

Access Podcast