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Jigsaw Learning Team

Kurtis Hewson - Lead Learner / Co-Founder, Jigsaw Learning

Kurtis Hewson is an award-winning former administrator and teacher, as well as teaching faculty at the post-secondary level. He is the co-founder of Jigsaw Learning, a co-author of the text Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model, and currently works with districts and schools nationally and internationally establishing Collaborative Response frameworks and interacting with thousands of educators annually.

Lorna Hewson - Lead Learner / Co-Founder, Jigsaw Learning

Lorna Hewson is an award-winning educator with leadership experience at the classroom, school, district and provincial levels. Lorna’s experiences have included learning support and inclusion, effective assessment and grading, pyramid of interventions development, curriculum implementation, coaching and mentoring teachers and inclusive practices at the classroom, school and district level. She is the co-founder of Jigsaw Learning, a co-author of the text Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model, and currently works with districts and schools nationally and internationally establishing Collaborative Response frameworks and interacting with thousands of educators annually.

Amber Hester - Lead Learner, Jigsaw Learning

Amber is a Lead Learner with Jigsaw Learning. She supports collaborative response through her work with school and system leaders in the area of revisiting their foundation statements, team building and strategic planning. Amber has over 20 years experience in education and has held a variety of leadership positions in her career including: principal, coordinator and assistant superintendent roles in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Colin Byers - Learning Associate, Jigsaw Learning

Colin Byers specializes in online, virtual, eLearning, multimedia design and instructional design. Colin has more than 20 years of education experience in k-12, post secondary, government and corporate settings. He has a passion for creating multimedia content and building with face to face, VILT, eLearning and blended courses. Over the years he has provided educators and clients with professional development opportunities and training using the latest multimedia programs and hardware and has a passion for helping educators excel with online instruction.

Kathy Charchun - Learning Associate, Jigsaw Learning

Kathy Charchun recently retired after 30 years with Livingstone Range School Division. Kathy was the Numeracy Lead with Livingstone Range School Division and taught high school mathematics until serving as a K-12 administrator with most of those years as a principal. As an administrator, she continued teaching high school mathematics as well as a variety of subjects from K - 12. In her role as a Numeracy Lead, she supported K-12 math teachers, students, parents and administrators. Kathy’s primary focus as a Learning Associate with Jigsaw Learning will be providing numeracy support, particularly at the junior high and high school level.

Jennifer Ferguson - Digital Learning Liaison, Jigsaw Learning

Jennifer Ferguson readily engages in opportunities to build her capacity as a leader and as a result her journey has led her into a unique role as Digital Learning Liaison with Jigsaw Learning. While currently focused on enhancing collaborative structures and processes by aligning digital supports, her background in education is vast. Jennifer’s years as a K-12 classroom teacher, learning coach, and district coordinator have afforded her a wide array of experiences including but not limited to strategic planning, engaging as a member of Curriculum Working Groups, and leading professional learning endeavours.

Cheryl Gascoyne - Learning Associate, Jigsaw Learning

Cheryl Gascoyne has supported schools in coaching at the classroom level, facilitating district professional learning series, supporting leadership in schools, and providing resource support and implementation. She has had the opportunity to work in Pre-K settings through to high school and she is also experienced in teaching our First Nation, Metis and Inuit students. Cheryl has provided support and direction to new teachers and experienced teachers alike from universal classroom practice to designing specialized interventions for individual or small groups of students.

Lana Nogue - Learning Associate, Jigsaw Learning

Lana Nogue has extensive experience in system planning and supporting schools and districts in strategically designing areas of focus and planning forward. Lana is integral to supporting schools and districts in implementing their Collaborative Response practices as well as designing and supporting levels of teams that align across schools and systems to support the needs of all students. Lana supports inclusive education teams with experience as a classroom specialist, school and district leader. She supports leaders at all levels and works at a district/systemic level to build capacity and support the goals of our various partners and strategic endeavors.

Kathleen Robertson - Learning Associate, Jigsaw Learning

Kathleen Robertson has more than 20 years of teaching experience. Kathleen supports teachers and leaders through development of strategic plans, Collaborative Response practices, and coaching. Her expertise in literacy has been developed through her roles as a classroom teacher, participant as a lead teacher on a literacy committee and her role as instructional and literacy coach at the Elementary level. She has successfully led literacy intervention, assessment and coaching.

Nancy Roy Halun - Associée à l'apprentissage, Jigsaw Learning

Nancy est associée à l’apprentissage avec l’équipe de Jigsaw Learning. Au cours des vingt-trois années de sa carrière en éducation, elle a œuvré à titre de directrice d’école, de conseillère pédagogique en éducation inclusive ainsi qu’en climat scolaire positif, en tant qu’enseignante et comme orthopédagogue. Nancy possède un baccalauréat en orthopédagogie de l’Université du Québec à Hull et une maîtrise en éducation avec concentration en gestion efficace de l’enseignement et des écoles à la Téluq.

Marilyn Schmitke - Learning Associate, Jigsaw Learning

Marilyn Schmitke was a strong proponent of Collaborative Response in the Edmonton Public Schools for over a decade. Marilyn has extensive experience in implementing and growing Collaborative Response practices in a number of schools. She provides support to leaders in the development of their skills in strategic planning, instructional leadership, designing collaborative practices and effectively navigating change and growth for staff teams.

Collette Sylvestre - Learning Associate, Jigsaw Learning

Collette is the most recent addition to Jigsaw's Learning Associate team joining in January, 2021. Collette specializes in supporting inclusive learning environments with a focus on Universal Design. She is passionate about utilizing technology in synchronous, asynchronous and blended learning environments to maximize student success and streamline teacher workload. She works with school leaders and teachers in developing the framework and capacity to support Collaborative Response. Collette has worked in rural, urban and International School settings and is Level C, International Baccalaureate® certified. She has a broad range of experience from preschool to grade 12 as a teacher, leadership team member, reading intervention specialist and learning strategist. She has written, published and lead an online professional development series for the child and youth support staff for the Women's Crisis Centres in North Eastern Alberta with a focus on trauma informed care, as well as an instructor with the educational assistant program for Portage College.

School and District Partners

Chris Adamson - Vice Principal, Innisfail High School, Chinook's Edge School Division

Chris began his teaching career with the Fort Vermilion School Division where he later became a Vice-Principal, Principal, and completed his M.Ed. in Assessment and Instructional Leadership at the University of Calgary. Most recently he had the privilege of moving to Chinook’s Edge School Division where he is currently the Vice-Principal of Innisfail High School and has been for the past 3.5 years. Chris’ work in Collaborative Response over the last 6 years ensures both staff and students have the structures and supports they need to be successful.

Chantel Axani - Deputy Superintendent, Lakeland R.C.S.S.D.

Chantel Axani graduated in 2006, and began her teaching career with Lakeland Catholic School Division (LCSD) shortly thereafter, where she now serves as Deputy Superintendent. She has been part of the Lakeland Catholic family for 15 years, 9 of which in the role of school administrator. It is her belief that all students and staff feel accepted, supported, and inspired when they are in Lakeland Catholic Schools. With this belief as her anchor, she always looks to lead with faith and grace.

Christie Badry - Coordinator of Health and Wellness, Battle River School Division

Christie Badry is the Coordinator-Health and Wellness. She has worked for Battle River School Division for 20 years. Christie is passionate about working with students who are struggling and finding solutions with the amazing adults around the student.

Tara Boyle - Learning Support Teacher, Roland Michener Secondary School, High Prairie School Division

Tara has 13 years of experience in public education, supporting students from grades 7 through to 12. For the last 6 years, Tara has worked as a Learning Support Teacher. She is highly motivated to learn more about her students so that we can better understand who they are and where they're coming from. She spends her days collaborating with students and staff to create the best growing and learning experiences possible.

Stefanie Brown - Principal, Florence MacDougall Community School, Fort Vermilion School Division

Stefanie was born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in Red Deer. She took a position teaching Kindergarten in High Level, Alberta 20 years ago. She has spent the last 7 years in administration, the past three of which were as principal of Florence MacDougall Community School where she began her career.

Margaret Carlson - Principal, Battle River Hutterite Colony Schools, Battle River School Division

Margaret has several years experience as a teacher and administrator, and in the past five years has helped develop a Collaborative Response framework in two K-12 schools. She is currently in her first year as a Colony Schools principal and applying her experiences within this new context.

Stephanie Casper - Learning Consultant, Mental Health and Wellness, Regina Catholic Schools

Stephanie is currently the Learning Consultant for Mental Health and Wellness in the Regina Catholic School Division. Her career in education has included roles of classroom teacher, elementary school counsellor, and behaviour consultant. Her work at the division office has allowed her the opportunity to collaborate with Jigsaw Learning to facilitate ‘Collaborative Response’ planning with four partner schools. She has worked with the RCSD achievement team to lead the revision of the division tiered continuum of supports.

Julie Chorney - Director of Teaching Quality and Staff Development, Lakeland Catholic School Division

Julie Chorney serves Lakeland Catholic School Division of the Director of Teaching Quality and Professional Learning. Her unwavering belief that every student will find success when supported by a team inspires her relentless commitment to supporting the Collaborative Response model as it has been transformative in her division.

Mark Davidson - Superintendent, Medicine Hat Public School Division

Mark has been Superintendent of Medicine Hat Public School Division since April of 2016. Throughout his 30 year career, he has believed in the power of collaborative structures, and shared commitment to the purpose of them, to help change the stars of students and to empower teachers. In Collaborative Response, he found a model that was both intuitive and honest about the challenges and rewards of collaborative action to support student and staff learning.

Marnie Davidson - Principal, Isabelle Sellon School, Livingstone Range School Division

Marnie has been an advocate to improve the learning experiences of all students for over 20 years. Her experience as a classroom teacher, learning support teacher and school administrator are focused on a collaborative approach to empower students and school teams to create the best possible experiences to nurture a love of learning.

Karine Desgagnés - Enseignante de 3e-4e année, École de la Source

Je m'appelle Karine Desgagnés. Je suis enseignante en 3e et 4e année à l'école de la Source. J'ai la chance de travailler pour le conseil scolaire Francosud depuis bientôt 15 ans. Je suis originaire de Ste-Luce, un village qui fait partie de la magnifique région du Bas-Saint-Laurent, au Québec. Le but de ma présentation est de partager mon expérience avec l'approche collaborative en tant qu'enseignante au primaire.

Barbra Deskin - Conseillère pédagogique, FrancoSud

Barbra est une conseillère pédagogique au FrancoSud et une consultante au Consortium provincial francophone. Elle compte plus de vingt ans d'expérience dans le monde de l'éducation. Au cours de sa carrière, Barbra a développé une expertise approfondie dans les domaines de l'inclusion, de l'approche collaborative et de l'évaluation. Détentrice d'un baccalauréat en arts et d'un baccalauréat en éducation de l'Université de McGill, elle a également complété un certificat d'études supérieures en leadership éducatif.

Chad Edmonds - Principal, Georges P. Vanier School, Calgary Board of Education

For the last 20 years, Chad has had the opportunity to teach in Ontario, England, Australia and New Zealand before Calgary. He has been an administrator for 6 years at various middle schools in the CBE and is currently the Principal at George P. Vanier in Calgary. He has a passion for numbers that grew from reading the back of too many baseball cards growing up.

Tracy Evans - Indigenous Education Strategist, Piitoayis (Eagle Lodge) Family School, Calgary Board of Education

Passionate about teaching and learning through an Indigenous lens, the leadership team at Piitoayis Family School, Iikiinayookaa Yellow Horn, Principal, Benji Williams, Assistant Principal, Tracy Evans, Indigenous Education Strategist, and Sara Reinikka-Scott, Literacy Learning Leader, lead the collaborative response work at PFS.

Allison Field - Principal, Niitsitapi Learning Centre, Calgary Board of Education

Allison has previously collaborated and presented with different teams of educators across all divisions in Alberta. This is Allison’s third year as Principal at Niitsitapi Learning Centre, where she has helped support students, families, staff and the inspiring work that has been taking place since the opening of Niitsitapi in 2016.

Audrey Ghostkeeper - Assistant Principal, E.G. Wahlstrom School, High Prairie School Division

Audrey has over 16 years of experience in education as a teacher in a rural K-12 school to a Learning Support Teacher of a grade 4-6 middle school. Within her current role as a Vice Principal, Audrey has experience leading and teaching within both numeracy/literacy interventions and instructional coaching.

Deanne Good - Vice Principal, Annie L. Gaetz, Red Deer Public Schools

Deanne Good has been an educator for over 20 years teaching from K-12. She is currently a Vice Principal at Annie L. Gaetz with Red Deer Public. Annie L. Gaetz has been using the Collaborative Response for 4 years with great success.

Pamela Guilbault - Superintendent Lakeland Catholic School Division

Pamela Guilbault passionately supports educational equity for all students. With over 20 years of education as a teacher, consultant, principal and senior administrator, Pamela believes that Collaborative Response provides the framework for system wide equity, increased student achievement, and continual improvement in professional efficacy.

Andrea Gutmann - Principal, Sparling School, Battle River School Division

Andrea Gutman is the Principal of Sparling School in Camrose, AB. She is passionate about supporting teachers and leaders to further their understanding of trauma informed approaches, inclusion, supporting complex students and building collaborative school cultures.

Kris Herbert - Principal, Roland Michener Secondary School, High Prairie School Division

Kris has been a school leader/administrator for the past 6 years. Prior to entering school leadership, his experience includes being a Learning Support Teacher, Educational Assistant, and a Teacher for a variety of grades from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Kris has a passion for school improvement and a philosophy that is firmly grounded by values that include every child learning and every child being capable of success.

Coral James - Coordinator of Learner Services, Horizon School Division

Currently the Coordinator of Learner Services for Horizon School Division, Coral James has a history of seeking out alternative approaches to ensuring all students experience success. She has teaching experience at all levels, a masters degree in elementary literacy and mathematics, administration and inclusive education experience. The process of designing a space for collaborative response was one in which she did not initiate, but adapted once in the leadership role of Learning Support teacher and Vice Principal at Taber Central School. Now a part of the senior administration Learner Services team, she is collaborating to develop the educational needs of existing software for Collaborative Response in Horizon.

Carolyn Jensen - Principal, Memorial Composite High School, Parkland School Division

Carolyn Jensen is Principal at Memorial Composite High School in Stony Plain. MCHS has been on the CR journey formally now for three years and continually evolving. Carolyn brings a strong background in intervention having worked as a school counsellor, in alternative education, as a Learning Services Facilitator in PSD and school administrator.

Leslee Jodry - Deputy Superintendent, Northern Gateway Public Schools

Leslee currently holds the office of Deputy Superintendent with Northern Gateway Public Schools (NGPS). She is a dedicated and student focused educator who believes in the strength of collaborative cultures. In her current role, alongside the senior leadership, Learning Services Team and school-based administrators, Leslee is dedicated to ensuring students are successful and students are supported. She recognizes the strength of collaborative cultures and the sharing of educator expertise as key to the success of this commitment.

Linnea Jones - Learning Support Teacher, Roland Michener Secondary School, High Prairie School Divison

Linnea has over twenty years of experience supporting students from K-12 as an educational assistant, classroom teacher, and administrator. Within her current role as a Learning Support Teacher, Linnea is in her happy place where she can promote inclusion and pursue her true passion of doing what's best for kids.

Shan Jorgenson-Adam - Deputy Superintendent, Battle River School Division

Shan Jorgenson-Adam is the Deputy Superintendent for Battle River School Division. Shan is responsible for student learning as well as the professional learning of school and division leaders. She has co-authored articles published in CASS Connections and has presented at various professional conferences.

Patrick Kennedy - Vice Principal, Roland Michener Secondary School, High Prairie School Division

Patrick has been on the leadership team of Roland Michener as a Vice-Principal for the past 5 years. During this time, Patrick has focused on data driven instructional coaching, team building and holistic assessment practices.

Saulnia Lacombe - Superviseure en inclusion, Conseil scolaire FrancoSud

Saulnia compte à son actif plus de 35 années d'expérience en milieu scolaire francophone minoritaire. Elle a été tour à tour enseignante, directrice-adjointe et directrice d’école, conseillère pédagogique et maintenant superviseure de l’inclusion au sein de son conseil scolaire.

Elle croit fondamentalement à l’inclusion scolaire de tous les élèves. Elle gère entre autres, l’équipe multidisciplinaire comprenant des orthophonistes, travailleuses sociales, ergothérapeute, psychologue et aides en inclusion. Tous ces services ayant pour but de permettre aux enfants/élèves de se sentir bien à l’école et d'apprendre… Ces dernières années, elle a travaillé l’approche collaborative tant au niveau du conseil que des écoles. Elle croit que cette approche permet au personnel scolaire de travailler en collaboration, de discuter et d’organiser leurs interventions en se basant sur des données probantes afin de permettre la réussite de tous les élèves. Ce qui est en soi, le but ultime de l’école.

Carmen Larsen - Director of Learning, Holy Spirit School Division

Carmen Larsen proudly serves as the Director of Learning for Holy Spirit Catholic Schools and has done so since 2019. Holy Spirit Catholic Schools is a regional division, serving approximately 5,000 students in Lethbridge, Pincher Creek, Picture Butte, Coaldale, Taber and Bow Island.

Crystal Lothian - Director of Support Services, Holy Spirit School Division

Crystal Lothian is currently the Director of Support Services for Holy Spirit Catholic School Division in Lethbridge, Alberta. Crystal has been an educator for over 18 years and she has teaching experience at all levels, a masters degree in Educational Leadership, as well as many years of administrative and inclusive education experience.

As a part of the senior administrative team, Crystal enjoys being a part of a collaborative team that is responsive to the educational needs of her learning community.

Nancy MacLellan - Teacher, Oscar Adolphson Primary School, Northern Gateway Public Schools

Nancy has been an educator for more than 20 years, with experience teaching classes from Kindergarten to High School. She has taught in a wide variety of settings from a high-needs urban school to a multi-level classroom in a remote Inuit community. She has completed her 14th year teaching in Alberta and is currently working in a JK to Grade 3 school as an Inclusive Education Facilitator and Intervention Support. At her school, she leads the implementation of the BLAST intervention across all grade levels as well as supporting teachers and Educational Assistants in developing resources to meet the needs of individual students in the classroom.

Allison Martin - Assistant Principal, A.B. Daley School, Livingstone Range School Division

As an Assistant Principal and Learning Support Teacher, Alli works with her team to support the student needs in her building. Last year the team decided to enhance their school based learning support structures and processes by incorporating aspects of Collaborative Response. They are pleased with the impact the process is having on supporting students and teachers in the classroom.
Katherine Oviatt - Superintendent of Learning, Horizon School Division

Barb Pears

Barb Pears has been a teacher of students with behaviour challenges since 2000 and was instrumental in the design and implementation of a Behaviour Support School. Barb is gifted at fostering collaborative, respectful, supportive teaching and learning environments for students, families and staff. She has worked as a Behaviour Consultant for the past 5 years at the school division level and believes that a multi-disciplinary approach is essential to offer the best possible programming for students. This involves partnering with students, parents, staff, external agencies, district schools and community organizations. Barb has always had a connection with students with behaviour challenges and loves sharing her passion and knowledge with others through direct service and workshops.

Jonathan Pittman - Principal, Peace River High School, Peace River School Division

Jonathan has been in the education profession since 2007. For the last four years, he has been enjoying the journey of educational leadership and has developed a desire to help educators become the best they can be for all students they encounter. A big portion of that learning and support happens through such programs as Collaborative Response, a framework Jonathan has been involved in during his leadership years. Proud father of three wonderful children and a partner to an amazing wife, lover of all things outdoors and a good day on the water.

Sara Reinikka-Scott - Literacy Learning Leader, Piitoayis (Eagle Lodge) Family School, Calgary Board of Education

Passionate about teaching and learning through an Indigenous lens, the leadership team at Piitoayis Family School, Iikiinayookaa Yellow Horn, Principal, Benji Williams, Assistant Principal, Tracy Evans, Indigenous Education Strategist, and Sara Reinikka-Scott, Literacy Learning Leader, lead the collaborative response work at PFS.

Lucie Rodrigue - Directrice des services pédagogiques, Conseil scolaire FrancoSud

Lucie travaille dans le milieu de l’éducation depuis 33 ans. Elle a été enseignante et direction au Québec avant de s’établir à Calgary il y a 12 ans, où elle a occupé 2 postes de direction avant celui de direction des services pédagogiques.

« Seul on va plus vite, ensemble on va plus loin ». Ce proverbe africain condense en une phrase le constat qu’elle fait de son cheminement.

À travers ses diverses expériences, elle s’est rendue compte que l’intelligence collective fait souvent la différence entre une école et une autre. L’intelligence collective c’est plus que l’addition d’intelligences mises bout à bout, elle permet de faire naître des solutions inédites lorsque différents individus possèdent chacun une partie de l’information, ou des compétences spécifiques.

Raymonde Roulston - Director - Early Childhood Education and Learning Support Services, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools

Raymonde Roulston is the Director of Early Childhood Education & Learning Support Services for Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools (GSACRD). GSACRD is in the second year of Collaborative Response implementation. Raymonde led a book study for Division School leaders and is coordinating division CR to support specialized programming (Pre-Kindergarten, RISE Program, Therapists) in the division.

Dana Schafer - Vice Principal, Innisfail Middle School, Chinook's Edge School Division

Dana has over 17 years of experience as a teacher in both middle and high school classrooms across many subject areas. Just recently she made the jump to administration and is currently in her fourth year as the Vice Principal of Innisfail Middle School. She loves finding ways to inspire and engage students, parents and staff in creating learning environments and a school community that everyone can be proud of.

Meipsy Shackleford - Assistant Principal, Isabelle Sellon School, Livingstone Range School Division

Meipsy has been an educator for about 20 years. She has taught both overseas as well as in Alberta. Meipsy draws her experiences from being a classroom teacher, instructional trainer, learning support teacher as well as from many years of administration. Meipsy enjoys sharing and learning with her colleagues and being part of a collaborative and supportive community of learners.

Aaron Skretting - Director of Religious Education, Holy Spirit School Division

Aaron Skretting is the Director of Religious Education for Holy Spirit Catholic Schools. Since beginning his teaching career in 2001, he has taught and administrated in both rural and urban settings from grades 7-12.

As a part of the senior administrative team, Aaron enjoys being a part of a collaborative team that is responsive to the educational needs of his learning community.

Deanna Sloan - Vice Principal, Roland Michener Secondary School, High Prairie School Division

Deanna has 12 years of Experience at Roland Michener Secondary School. Her roles over the years has included Physical Education department head, Athletic Director, Literacy Department Lead, and her current role as Vice Principal.

Vince Spila - Principal, École Notre Dame High School, Lakeland Catholic School Division

Vince Spila is a principal of a grade 9-12 High School in Northern Alberta. Over the last 30+ years, he has had the role of teacher, counsellor, vice-principal and presently principal. He has taken the lead on a number of initiatives to move his District and School towards 21st Century Learning, and integrated technology for all.

Robynn Stirrett - Executive Leadership Coach / Master Facilitator, Bright Wire

Robynn Stirrett has been in the business of developing people for her entire career. From K-12 French Immersion teacher with Rocky View Schools, to learning and development consultant, to Professional Certified Coach and Facilitator, she shares her expertise in leadership, coaching, communication, teams, and adaptability for our VUCA world. Regardless of where her work takes her, her heart remains firmly rooted in education, where she enjoys serving as a returning sessional instructor in the Faculties of Education at the U of C and U of L in addition to speaking at educational conferences and working directly with schools and school authorities to help them overcomes their most pressing challenges.

St. Martha School - Lori Lundeen (Principal), Tracee Laba (Assistant Principal), and Yvette Cassavant (Learning Coach), Edmonton Catholic Schools

St. Martha's teaching staff have been learning about Collaborative Response for the past year and a half. Last school year, they were part of a larger community of practice within ECSD, and this year they have been part of a process involving observation of other schools and continued learning of this process.

Kate Syson - Vice Principal, Stettler Elementary School, Clearview Public Schools

Kate is the current Vice-Principal at Stettler Elementary School. She has worked in Chinook’s Edge, Wolf Creek, and Clearview School Division. She has worked in many schools who have implemented Collaborative Response.

Jennifer Taylor - Learning Support Teacher, E.G. Wahlstrom School, High Prairie School Division

Jennifer has over 22 years of experience as a teacher in a Northern Alberta K-9 School and a Grade 4-6 Middle School. Within her current role as a Learning Support Teacher, Jennifer has experience supporting Educational Assistants, working with teachers to build their capacity and improve their practice in best practices at all levels of the RTI pyramid through mentoring and instructional coaching.

Lisa Thomson - Principal, Cedarbrae School, Calgary Board of Education

Lisa is committed to lifelong learning and holds a BA, BEd, and MEd. She has been a school administrator for 5 years, and currently is the Principal of Cedarbrae School within the Calgary Board of Education. She is passionate about supporting the achievement, equity, and well-being of every student through a collaborative response model, Indigenous ways of knowing, and targeted continuums of support.

Dr. Jeff Thompson - Assistant Superintendent - Teaching & Learning, Peace River School Division

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the K-12 education system with 28 consecutive years working at the division level with 5 school jurisdictions ranging in size from 20 schools serving 3000 students to 260 schools serving more than 68000 students. In addition to 7 years as a Junior/Senior High Math/Science Teacher, system-level positions include Program Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent – Programs/Teaching and Learning, Associate Superintendent and Superintendent/CEO.

Michelle Visscher - Principal, Blueberry School, Parkland School Division

Michelle Visscher is in her first year as Principal at Blueberry School, where she served for the past 5 years as the Assistant Principal and Inclusive Education Lead. Michelle earned her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta with a major in Elementary Education and minor in Special Education in 2003. She has recently completed her Masters in Educational Studies with a focus on Leadership, also through the University of Alberta.

Leanne Watson - Principal, Stavely School, Livingstone Range School Division

Leanne holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Assessment. She has been the Principal at Stavely School for four years, Assistant Principal at J. T. Foster High School for four years and is also a 7 Habits Facilitator and Leader in Me Coach for Livingstone Range School Division. She is devoted to professional development and school improvement as well as an avid researcher of care in education.

Shelly Wiebe - Principal, Entwistle School, Parkland School Division

Shelly Wiebe is currently the principal of Entwistle School. In 2010, she completed her Education Degree at Concordia University of Edmonton, and recently earned her Master of Education in Educational Research from the University of Calgary. Shelly is committed to providing students with the best learning experiences possible and strives to support all educators through collaborative relationships and structures.

Shannon Wickett - Teacher, A.B. Daley Community School, Livingstone Range School Division

Shannon has taught Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Livingstone Range School Division over the last 13 years and is currently teaching a Grade 3/4 class. She has taught many subjects in many grades but has found her passion in mathematics at all levels. While completing her degree at the University of Otago in New Zealand, Shannon realized the importance of using diagnostic assessments and a small group instruction framework to meet the diverse learning needs of her students. Shannon is a skilled teacher who masterfully uses these strategies to work with all students. She recently took on the role of math interventionist in her school where she supported student achievement while building teacher capacity in the mathematics classroom.

Benji Williams - Assistant Principal, Piitoayis (Eagle Lodge) Family School, Calgary Board of Education

Passionate about teaching and learning through an Indigenous lens, the leadership team at Piitoayis Family School, Iikiinayookaa Yellow Horn, Principal, Benji Williams, Assistant Principal, Tracy Evans, Indigenous Education Strategist, and Sara Reinikka-Scott, Literacy Learning Leader, lead the collaborative response work at PFS.

Shelley Wyman - Principal, Grasmere School, Northern Gateway Public Schools

Shelley Wyman has been an educator in Northern Gateway Public Schools for 24 years and is currently the Principal of Grasmere School in Alberta Beach. She received her BEd from the University of Alberta and her Master in Arts in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University. As an administrator in small, rural schools, Shelley’s focus has been on building opportunities for her teachers to collaborate with colleagues to support their goals of having students that are successful and supported.

Iikiinayookaa Yellow Horn - Principal, Piitoayis (Eagle Lodge) Family School, Calgary Board of Education

Passionate about teaching and learning through an Indigenous lens, the leadership team at Piitoayis Family School, Iikiinayookaa Yellow Horn, Principal, Benji Williams, Assistant Principal, Tracy Evans, Indigenous Education Strategist, and Sara Reinikka-Scott, Literacy Learning Leader, lead the collaborative response work at PFS.

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