Collaborative Team Meetings

Essential Elements Rubric – CTM (with Notes)Self-assessment rubric to determine current realities and next steps for collaborative team meeting structures in schools

Embedding Time for Collaboration ChartOrganizer for staff team conversations, examining current and possible ways to embed time in schedules/calendars for collaboration

Collaborative Team Meeting Record (Template) PDF version of a CTM record template, to record discussion and decisions from a collaborative team meeting

Sample Collaborative Team Meeting Record - Sample team meeting record from a grade three meeting, focusing upon student literacy

Collaborative Team Meeting Visual Student Scoreboard Picture of a sample Student Scoreboard, used to guide discussion of students in a collaborative team meeting

Student Card TemplateSample student card template for Student Scoreboards, with the ability to show progress from Kindergarten to grade six

Team Norms Template (PDFWordGoogle Doc) - Template for establishing team norms for collaborative tea meetings (or other purposes in your professional learning community).

Team Norms Sample (Grade 1 CTM)Sample set of team norms for a grade one team (specifically establishing norms for a collaborative team meeting)

Process for Establishing Team NormsResource for school leaders, describing a process for establishing team norms, with link to a video describing the process

CTM Role CardsRoles cards to assign roles during a Collaborative team Meeting

Collaborative Team Meeting – Student Discussion Checklist template to use for team members to complete prior to collaborative team meetings, to prepare for the conversation.

Collaborative Team Meeting CycleAn overview of the Collaborative Team Meeting Cycle, illustrating the work of grade-level teams on the weeks between regularly scheduled Collaborative Team Meetings