School Support Team Meetings

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The School Support Team Meeting is designed to support the specialized needs of students throughout the school. This team structure provides the ongoing support to classroom teachers in regards to individual students and perhaps small groups. Administrators, inclusive education facilitators or learning support teachers, and counsellors typically make up the team partners. Ideally this team is meeting weekly or bi-weekly to engage in conversations regarding programming for students, school wide supports and referrals to district or external services.

Access a number of resources and samples below, organized by a variety of topics related to establishing the School Support Team to support Collaborative Response practices for students with more specialized needs.

Reflection and Data Tools

The following tools can be used to reflect upon your structures and processes related to School Support Team Meetings, as well as collect evidence to determine growth and impact over time.

Reflecting on School Support Team Meetings - Template - Template to reflect on current School Support Team Meeting structures and processes

Notes and Agendas

Establishing a consistent agenda for each team meeting structure helps to ensure clarity and focus for teams, with a connected format for recording notes for the team. Alternatively, schools and districts could consider adopting a digital system for capturing student notes, team actions and other important documentation.

Resources and Templates
School Support Team Meeting Agenda and Notes - Template to establish a strategic agenda, as well as notes, for an effective School Support team meeting.
Student Support Champions Meeting Agenda and Notes - Agenda format for the Student Support Champions team meeting at Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik School.
Copyright 2020, L. Thunder - Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik School, Bigstone Cree Nation Education Authority, AB. Shared with permission.
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