General Resources

When establishing Collaborative Response in schools and districts, a systematic and strategic approach is necessary to ensure a re-culturing happens for educational teams. Shifting from isolated to collaborative practice is key in responding effectively to the diverse needs of all students. The following resources support an examination of school culture, strategic planning and more in relation to the introduction, development and sustainment of Collaborative Response frameworks.

Collaborative Response - Targets for Implementation - An overview of actions to consider when establishing, refining and sustaining Collaborative Response in a school, with links to resources and a suggested timeline for consideration in planning

Collaborative Response Model Overview - A one-page visual overview and comparison matrix for the Collaborative Response Model; includes a link to overview video, as well as core beliefs and distinctive features of the model

Reflecting on Collaborative Response (School-Based) - Template - Use this organizer to reflect on the foundational components of Collaborative Response, as well as the key element of Collaborative Team Meetings, to help to determine potential next steps.

Collaborative Response Action PlanAn action planning template to use for leaders or school teams to determine next steps in establishing collaborative response in schools

Bibliography – Anchor Resources List of anchor resources fundamental in the initial theoretical development of Collaborative Response

Essential Cultural Shifts - AnalysisSurvey tool to use with staff teams, identifying cultural shifts that staff believe in versus their current reality in the school

Essential Cultural Shifts – Change Index A reflection tool for leaders to consider minor to major shifts for their school to move from a traditional culture to one responsive to the needs of students

Core Beliefs - Leader Impact Organizer to support conversations for leaders about what they do to impact core beliefs foundational to Collaborative Response

Locus of Control Organizer to be used when engaging in a Locus of Control discussion activity. View a blog posting describing this process and how it can support the collaborative team meeting discussion.

Examining Opportunities and Challenges Template - Organizer to use with teams or individuals to examine current reality, opportunities, challenges and to surface potential considerations for addressing the identified challenges

Reflection on School-Wide Student Transitions A perception collection tool to use with staff teams, identifying features of a proactive response identifying students in need of support

What Do We Have and Next Steps Organizer - Utilize this organizer for individuals or groups to reflect upon what the school already has in place that supports the foundational components of Collaborative Response and what could be some next steps for consideration.