Case Consult Team Meetings

The Case Consult Team is most intense level of support that focuses primarily on one student. The Case Consult Team meeting determines the most appropriate programming, external supports and specialized equipment that may be needed for an individual student. This team may require the involvement of other organizations external to the school. This team also engages the family and activates supports for the family at home as well as what is needed at the school. Essentially, in this team meeting, we “wrap-around” and dive deep into examining the needs and individual context impacting a single learner.

Access a number of resources and samples below, organized by a variety of topics related to establishing the Case Consult Team to support Collaborative Response practices for ongoing and emergent individual students.

Reflection Tools

The following tools can be used to reflect upon your structures and processes related to Case Consult Team Meetings, as well as collect evidence to determine growth and impact over time.

Reflecting on Case Consult Team Meetings - Template - Template to reflect on current Case Consult Team Meeting structures and processes

Notes and Agendas

Establishing a consistent agenda for each team meeting structure helps to ensure clarity and focus for teams, with a connected format for recording notes for the team. Alternatively, schools and districts could consider adopting a digital system for capturing student notes, team actions and other important documentation.

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Program Planning

Planning individualized supports for students with complex or specialized needs requires solid program plans and ensuring that critical information transitions with the student.

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