Collaborative Response Overview Session - March 6/13, 2024


Feeling overwhelmed with the expectations being placed on teachers, leaders and educational systems to respond to the diverse needs of our learners? Ensuring success for all students is a moral imperative for all schools, but takes a highly coordinated framework of structures and processes within a school to maximize the collective capacity of the team.

Come learn about Collaborative Response, an organizational mindset that involves some fundamental shifts for schools and districts, such as layering collaborative team structures, transforming how we talk about student needs, focusing on students close to meeting expectations through thoughtful organization of data and evidence and ensuring tiering of supports rather than students. Simple shifts that emerge through a focus on Collaborative Response and the good news is that some likely already exist in your building! Numerous school and district examples, as well as access to a large number of resources, will be provided for school leaders wishing to join thousands of schools using Collaborative Response to ensure high levels of success for students and staff!

Two part series - March 6/13, 2024 - 4:00 - 5:30 pm MST

Facilitated by Kurtis and Lorna Hewson

Please note these sessions are LIVE and will not be recorded.


Collaborative Response: Three Foundational Components That Transform How We Respond to the Needs of Learners


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