COVID-19 Response, Updates and Resources

Our hearts are with you, as educators and leaders endeavouring in this rapidly-shifting reality to support student learning and respond to the many changes that have surfaced. It has been phenomenal to watch the level of creativity and passion exemplified in the responses and support for students and families. Our province is fortunate to have such dedicated educators!

As an organization deeply committed to the valued partners with whom we work, we want to help!

View a video message from Lead Learners Kurtis and Lorna Hewson.

Potentially Obvious, Possibly Brilliant Daily Notes

Each week, we will be posting five "Potentially Obvious, Possibly Brilliant" notes to our collection, as well as sharing daily through our social media channels. We hope this collection can provide ideas, inspiration and support to the greater educational community!

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Jigsaw Learning Support Resources, BLOGS and Links

Memorial Composite High School COVID-19 Continuum of Supports - A tiered collection of supports to access, to ensure scaffolded supports for students engaged in online emergent teaching due to COVID-19.
Copyright 2020, C. Jensen - Memorial Composite High School, Parkland School Division, AB. Shared with permission.
Supporting Beginning Teachers: An Unprecedented First Year Experience - Cheryl Gascoyne, Learning Associate with Jigsaw Learning, shares her experiences about working with beginning teachers, building relationships with district personnel, and genuinely caring for students and for each other.

Student Online Transition - Instructions and Category Explanations - This transition overview is intended to share important information regarding student and family connection preferences, access to online learning and further information to inform receiving teachers for re-entry in the fall.

Classroom Planning for Intentional Connectedness - For our team of educators, having intentionality in the way we layer support, connectedness and accountability is incredibly important when establishing an effective and manageable plan for our work. In this BLOG Post, Kurtis Hewson, Lead Learner, describes what this could look like in the classroom.

Finding the Positive in the Pandemic webcast - Lana Nogue, Learning Associate with Jigsaw Learning, shares some of the positive experiences she encountered in working with partners in education during the Covid-19 context.

Sample ONLINE K-12 Collaborative Team Meeting - Collaborative team meeting, facilitated by Lead Learner, Kurtis Hewson, demonstrating the use of video to bring together team members for a conversation focused on the emergent needs of students.

Leading with Grace & Ease Through a Time of Uncertainty - BLOG Post by Learning Associate, Marilyn Schmitke, discussing how we must still intentionally and mindfully set the stage for change to flourish but be evermore aware of leading with grace and ease in response to the unexpected (Posted April 26, 2020) View a related webcast.

What Does Assessment Look Like in Our Current Reality?
- BLOG Post by Digital Learning Liaison, Jennifer Ferguson, discussing what assessment looks like in an atypical learning environment (Posted April 19, 2020)

Comment planifier efficacement des réseaux de liaison? - BILLET BLOGUE par Nancy Roy Halun, associée à l'apprentissage. Ce billet blogue explique la structure de réseaux de liaison utilisée par Jigsaw Learning afin de garder contact avec son équipe. Cette planification peut être adaptée à la réalité des enseignants, des directions d'école et des leaders scolaires (Affiché le 14 avril, 2020)
Planning for Intentional Connectedness - Layering Meetings During a Pandemic - BLOG Post by Lead Learner, Kurtis Hewson shares how Jigsaw Learning intentionally layers team meetings to ensure connectedness and focus, with ideas that could be adapted by teachers as well as school and system leaders (Posted April 3, 2020) View a related webcast.
Cats, Puppies and Goldfish: You are Doing This! - BLOG Post by Learning Associate, Kathleen Robertson, discussing the value and importance that relationships have on engaging on the educational journey with our students (Posted April 2, 2020)
Online CTM Facilitation Guide - intended to assist leaders in facilitating online Collaborative Team Meetings, particularly in connection to the recent move to online environments for educators due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Posted April 2, 2020)
What Leaders Can Do to Support the Emotional Well-Being of their Team Members During the COVID-19 Pandemic? - BLOG Post by Learning Associate, Lana Nogue sharing ideas and strategies to support your team in an online environment (Posted March 31, 2020)

Additional Links and Supports

Links and resources for teachers, leaders and families.

Video Call Fatigue - Have you been feeling more tired than usual since the COVD-19 lockdown began? Do your children show signs of exhaustion at the end of their online learning sessions? As Prairie Rose School Division psychologist Greg Godard explains there is likely a good reason for this lack of energy; something he calls 'video call fatigue'.

Free Online Resources for Canadians During the COVID-19 Pandemic
- a huge list of online courses, software, academic journals, and apps, compiled by Dealhack Canada.

Top Parenting Tips for Parents and Caregivers During COVID-19
, developed by Triple P Positive Parenting Program.

Parenting During COVID-19 Guide, developed by the Triple P Positive Parenting Program.

Relationships Check Tool - a quick relationships check to see where your relationships with important young people in your life are particularly strong and where they can grow. You’ll receive actionable approaches and activities to strengthen relationships with young people in your life. Developed by Search Institute.

Read the World Distance Learning Support - a collection of resources, curated by Kristin Ziemke and Katie Muhtaris.

Calm Down Strategies for Kids - 100 simple calm down strategies for kids, with a free printable list included, provided by And Next Comes L.

Supporting You Through COVID-19
- resources for families/caregivers, schools/educators and child-serving organizations, provided by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

Be Active Kids - fitness and play ideas, with printable handouts.

Literacy for Parents - printable PDF pages for families to help support literacy at home, provided by Stanley G. Oswalt Academy.

Supporting Educators and Learning in the Era of COVID-19 - resources to support the needs of diverse student populations while they are not in school, developed by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Supporting Learning at Home - a variety of free resources for supporting learning at home for teachers, admin, parents and everyone, provided by the Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC).

Learning at Home: Resources for Families - a variety of free resources for supporting learning at home, provided by the Government of New Brunswick.

Building Developmental Relationships During the COVID-19 Crisis - a checklist for building relationships with youth, developed by the Search Institute (

Social-Emotional Learning: Healthy Home Practices During COVID-19 - a short video reviewing the purpose for social distancing and how to thrive during this stay-at-home time with good personal habits and thoughtful family interactions. Access more resources from Everyday Speech at

Supporting Students During the Pandemic: QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE - scripts to use when reaching out to students and families during a pandemic, developed by J. Kevin Cameron. Follow J. Kevin Cameron @JKevinCameron

Distance “Education” - a BLOG written by Tom Lademann of LuminEd Inc., detailing what Distance Education looks like. Follow Tom Lademann on Twitter @TL_luminare

Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting From COVID-19 - an article published by the National Association of School Psychologists. For more information related to schools and physical and mental health, visit and

Mrs. Rogers Fitness Challenge - developed by Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Director Melissa Rogers, a new challenge is shared every Tuesday and Thursday. Great for teachers to share with their families! Follow Mrs. Rogers on Twitter @m_rogerz

Jigsaw Learning Updates

2020 Collaborative Response Retreat POSTPONED (Posted April 2, 2020) - information about the recently postponed Collaborative Response Retreat, moving to next year on May 6-8, 2021.

Jigsaw Learning's Response to COVID19 - update letter from Jigsaw Learning dated March 16, 2020

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Author: Nadine Wood