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This group is for educators to continue their learning with other professionals in the Jigsaw Learning Network. Jigsaw Learning strives to establish, extend and sustain powerful learning communities through the development of effective processes, structures and supports that honour each unique organizational context. We believe deep learning is founded on personal relationships and meaningful connections.

Through this interactive network, we invite you to connect, converse, ask questions and share stories of learning happening in your educational organizations, structures being established for collaborative team learning and effective responses for student success. How can we collectively support one another to move our schools and districts forward for all learners? What support, advice or resources are you seeking for your own organization? We hope that this network can become a hub for educators driven to make a difference!

Please consider sharing this group with your colleagues, as we are hoping to begin engaging soon with questions and sharing amongst the network! We look forward to sharing and growing together!

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Author: Nadine Wood
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