Beginning Teachers

We know that beginning teachers work tirelessly in the first year of the teaching profession and that the learning curve is steep. This is an essential year in which they employ skill, dedication and determination beyond measure!

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The challenges teachers new to the profession face are complex. We know that as a district, it may be difficult to provide the support to bridge the gap that your beginning teachers need. Let us help design a plan that can provide the support and mentorship needed for our newest colleagues.

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View Cheryl Gascoyne discussing Beginning Teacher supports involving one of our district partners.

We can help you develop a wrap around plan of support for your teachers who are new to the profession. Please contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you.

How We Support

  • Establishment of a beginning teacher cohort for your district, customized to fit your system's context and existing supports.
  • Development of asynchronous online courses and resources to support beginning teachers.
  • Engagement in regular onsite or online coaching visits with opportunities for reflection, feedback and ongoing support.
  • Design of workshop days for cohort focused on relevant topics, such as positive classroom culture, inclusive learning, and integration of First Nation, Metis and Inuit materials across the curriculum.


I wanted to reach out and express my true appreciation for all the support Cheryl Gascoyne has given me since August. Cheryl has provided me with opportunities to expand my skill set and offer the best version of my professional self to each group of students I encounter. Cheryl has built literacy confidence within me that I have not had before. Cheryl have impacted me and my career in ways I cannot explain. I will continue to share Cheryl's expertise with colleagues and hope that in the future our paths will cross again and we get the chance to collaborate further.

Brooke Bablitz
Beginning Teacher Cohort - Northern Gateway Public Schools