Coaching & Support

At the classroom, school and district level we design and implement aligned and comprehensive plans that support areas of identified focus. The Jigsaw Learning team provides responsive and flexible coaching in areas such as:

  • School Leadership
  • Literacy
  • Social and emotional wellness
  • Early learning
  • Educational Assistant support
  • Educational Technology
  • Psychological Consultation and Assessment
  • Beginning Teachers
  • Supporting Indigenous Learners


Eckville Elementary School has been fortunate to benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of Barb Pears on a number of occasions. In particular, we have had a number of students whose behavioural needs we were unable to meet without assistance. In every case, consulting with Barb helped us develop new strategies that left the teachers and Educational Assistants working with these students feeling much more confident in their abilities to work with these students.

Barb used a collaborative, team approach in these meetings that involved all stakeholders – teachers, administrators, specialists and parents – and was very successful in bringing our ideas together into a cohesive plan moving forward.

In addition, Barb was, in every way, professional. She works with stakeholders in a manner that is non-threatening and considerate of their needs, but with a focus on what is best for the student as her primary objective.

Ian McLaren
Principal - Eckville Elementary School, Wolf Creek Public Schools

Barb Pears is an excellent communicator and has demonstrated outstanding competency in working with people effectively. She truly knows how to listen to people so they feel respected and heard. She is sincere in her approach and cares deeply about the people she works with. Barb researches and thinks through all decisions that might impact student learning and achievement. She is not only passionate and exhibits a high level of expertise around supporting students with behavioural challenges, she is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the overarching efforts of working with teachers to improve classroom learning environments so all students can reach their full potential. I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Barb as a colleague and a collaborative partner for over seventeen years. She is highly skilled and shows tremendous leadership in the area of behavioural supports for students.

Wanda Christensen
Student Services-Associate Superintendent - Chinook’s Edge School Division No. 73

Cheryl Gascoyne was instrumental in supporting our school with literacy growth and development. Her work with our staff has had a dramatically positive impact on how we support literacy development for our students. Cheryl worked elbow to elbow with our staff to improve our reading intervention strategies. She also helped us engage in a literacy partnership with the local university and she supported our work in finding appropriate literacy resources for our school. Cheryl worked along side the administrative team to develop a comprehensive school wide literacy plan. She was visible in the school, she worked alongside teachers and she regularly connected with the leadership team to determine next steps. Cheryl is an expert in the field of literacy and she took the time to really look at our strengths and areas for improvement. She helped us create a vision of literacy and we are forever grateful for her support. Cheryl changed how we support, implement and assess literacy in our school and the staff and st... Read more

Sonja Dykslag, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Principal - École Lacombe Upper Elementary School

Bentley School has had the great opportunity to work with Barb Pears for a number of years in relation to her behaviour consultant role within Wolf Creek Public Schools and have nothing but positive things to say. Barb has worked with individual teachers around individual and classroom behaviour consults, non violent intervention training and overall intervention supports. She has also worked with our whole staff in regards to behaviour interventions and training. The staff have commented that her ideas and strategies are practical, effective and student focused. She has worked with our parents on a number of occasions to provide home support and positive behaviour management strategies, all of which have been positively received. Barb is very personable, straight forward and fun to have at the school, if I had the opportunity to bring her on full time to our school, I would!

Lane Moore
Principle - Bentley School, Wolf Creek Public Schools

I have worked with Barb Pears for the past five years in her role as a behaviour consultant for Wolf Creek Public Schools. Barb has repeatedly proven herself as an invaluable source of wisdom and knowledge when working through the needs and challenges of our most complex students. She knows that a cookie cutter approach won’t meet the needs of our diverse students and comes prepared to engage in a team approach in moving forward. Barb brings a fresh view, and can offer insights that can help solve problems. Barb is a very effective problem solver when working on the function of the child’s behaviour and generates solutions that are reasonable and manageable to implement. She has skill at seeing the big picture but is insightful at determining the small parts that can help to move a child forward. Barb has excellent communication skills and a personality that allows teachers to feel safe, valued and respected in the process. She does well at listening first and speaking second. Her primary goal ... Read more

Karen Laszuk
Inclusion Coach - Iron Ridge Elementary School, Wolf Creek Public Schools