Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

Are you concerned about the inconsistencies across your classrooms and schools in terms of curriculum, instruction and assessment? With pockets of expertise throughout your district, how do you capitalize and build on the expertise you have?

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The process of teaching is complex and we recognize the need for establishing common expectations and practices to ensure all students are receiving what they need. We also recognize that you are faced with competing demands on your time.

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Our team has extensive experience in all of these areas and can support you in developing specific areas according to your need. Perhaps you require extensive support in outcomes based reporting, curriculum mapping or the development of processes for your collaborative teacher planning time?

Connect with us to talk about ways we can support you and your team!

How We Support

  • Development of co-constructed plan for coaching and mentoring supports for teachers, as well as leaders focused on growth in the areas of curriculum, assessment and instruction.
  • Support in establishing collaborative structures across schools focusing on curriculum, assessment and instruction.
  • Coordination of online practices to support curriculum, assessment and instruction.
  • Facilitation of professional learning to support growth in curriculum, instruction and assessment, including:
    • Establishing essential outcomes
    • Assessment for, as and of learning
    • Process of effective feedback for students
    • Student engagement
    • Differentiated instruction
    • Scaffolded planning for instruction (short-term, mid-term and long-term planning)