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Are you concerned about the return on your investment for digital solutions being considered or already implemented in your organization?

Just acquiring technology is not enough!

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The effective implementation and sustainability of digital solutions in schools can be complex and challenging on many levels. To truly make a difference for the success of students, it necessitates a robust roll-out and coordinated learning plan.

Our team has experience working with schools and districts to co-develop, implement and sustain plans for technology adoption and integration for educators at all levels.

We have digital solutions to support and enhance your Collaborative Response processes!
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This course is designed as an introductory course for teachers who are new to online instruction. Upon completion you will be able to understand the process of transitioning to online instruction, demonstrate how to support learners online, discover how to build content for online learners, explore various assessment techniques for online instruction and understand the importance of course data and evaluation.

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Connect with us to allow our team to understand your needs and imagine a plan for your context.

How We Support

All professional learning engagements may be personalized and designed for onsite, online or blended learning.


Classroom coaching and support for the use of online tools and the integration of technology


Grade level or subject area professional learning opportunities focused on the integration and planning for technology

School wide, grade level or subject area implementation support for technology integration


Support to design and implement integrated technology plans across your system

Support for an online learning strategy to accommodate online learners across your system

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Jigsaw Learning has provided our staff a collaborative and actionable solution for supporting all students, and specifically students with diverse needs. With the implementation of the support plan program, staff is able to easily connect about student accommodations, documentation, behavioural supports, academic supports, and IPP goals in one user friendly place, creating a more functional system for implementation. Friendly, prompt, and effective support is always available to users through email and/or google connections. Jigsaw Learning has changed how we share strategies for learning, stay connected about student achievements and difficulties, providing a proactive solution when engaging with students, parents, and families.

Karen Belland
Teacher - Clearview Public Schools

FVSD staff in attendance were very pleased with the opportunity to have their questions addressed and to learn more about the capabilities of WeCollab in supporting the Collaborative Response Model in their schools. We appreciate the flexibility of the Jigsaw Learning Team in creatively addressing a variety of learning needs within a one-day learning opportunity.

Kathryn Kirby
Assistant Superintendent of Learning - Fort Vermilion School Division