Educational Assistants

We know that as Educational Assistants, you go above and beyond, every day, in pursuit of supporting complex needs and impacting the lives of children, families and the learning community to which you belong. You are the vital connection many students need to be successful. This requires skill, dedication and patience beyond measure!

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The challenges of supporting students and staff in an environment where teaching and learning needs are continually evolving is complex work.

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This 16 module course is designed to provide staff who are currently in this complex role with an overview of educational best practices in support of students and teachers.

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We can help you develop your repertoire of best practices to support this complex work. Please contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you.

How We Support

  • Distribution of group access for the asynchronous Educational Assistant Learning Series across a school or system.
  • Coordinate supplemental professional learning to support the learning from the Educational Assistant Learning Series, including coffee chats, case studies and question and answer sessions.
  • Design and facilitate professional learning for Educational Assistants, focused on a large number of topics and support areas.
  • Design and facilitate professional learning for teachers and leaders, focused on the role, responsibilities and effective utilization of Educational Assistants to support learners.
  • Development of mentorship supports for Educational Assistants, as well as teachers new to working with Educational Assistants in their classrooms.


Kathleen Robertson was, by far, one of the best prepared presenters I have ever had the opportunity to see. Kathleen really took into account what would help us, the attendees, incorporate the information, techniques and knowledge she was sharing with us into our daily practice, and provided the supplies to help us do that. Kathleen's knowledge and eagerness to share ways to help teach struggling readers really shone through. I would highly recommend having Kathleen as a presenter again. Well worth the time and money.

2020 Northern Alberta Educational Assistants Conference

After struggling for quite some time to find ways to help this student regulate, we contacted Barb Pears. Barb was able to shadow the EA and student for the morning and quickly identified the piece we were missing. Once Barb explained it, everything made so much sense, but we weren't getting to that answer on our own. Barb also showed us some tracking methods that would be more efficient for our team.

2019 Partner Consultation

Eckville Elementary School has been fortunate to benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of Barb Pears on a number of occasions. In particular, we have had a number of students whose behavioural needs we were unable to meet without assistance. In every case, consulting with Barb helped us develop new strategies that left the teachers and Educational Assistants working with these students feeling much more confident in their abilities to work with these students.

Barb used a collaborative, team approach in these meetings that involved all stakeholders – teachers, administrators, specialists and parents – and was very successful in bringing our ideas together into a cohesive plan moving forward.

In addition, Barb was, in every way, professional. She works with stakeholders in a manner that is non-threatening and considerate of their needs, but with a focus on what is best for the student as her primary objective.

Ian McLaren
Principal - Eckville Elementary School, Wolf Creek Public Schools