We know that as teachers, school and district leaders you are feeling the pressure to demonstrate success for students in math and numeracy.

We understand your urgency to ensure all teachers are confident in effective mathematics teaching practices and the importance for students' conceptual understanding and ability to transfer their knowledge into new situations and apply it to new contexts.

Many teachers are called on to teach math, however not all teachers have background or advanced training in how to teach mathematics.

We can support understanding toward successful math instruction.

Schedule a Conversation

Our team can work with you to design comprehensive plans for highly impactful mathematics instruction while establishing a growth mindset.

Let us support you in your areas of need whether classroom instruction, school implementation or district strategic planning.

How We Support

  • Establishment of numeracy supports and structures to address learning gaps for students.
  • Establishment of numeracy communities of practice for teachers and/or leaders across a school or system, customized to fit context and existing supports.
  • Development of school or system-wide numeracy data collection and analysis processes.
  • Development of asynchronous online courses and resources to support numeracy.
  • Engagement in regular onsite or online numeracy coaching visits with opportunities for reflection, feedback and ongoing support.
  • Analysis of current numeracy resources and practices, with recommendations for enhancements.
  • Facilitation of professional learning to support growth in numeracy for teachers, leaders and support staff, in areas such as:
    • Effective instructional practices in numeracy
    • School-wide assessment and intervention structures
    • School and district numeracy frameworks
    • Supporting leaders when supervising effective numeracy instruction
    • Developing school or system-wide cultures of numeracy, including beliefs and numeracy-rich learning environments.
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