Online Learning

We understand online teaching can be complex and requires new learning for everyone!

We can help design flexible and customized support to respond to these emergent needs!

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Are you wanting online learning to be viable, rigorous, accessible and credible for your students and families?

Are you looking to support teachers new to online learning and ensure structures for their success?

We can help!

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We are deeply invested in your success and committed to seeing it through!

How We Support

  • Designing structures and processes for online teacher collaboration, professional learning and support
  • Coaching for leaders, teachers and teams for best practices related to online and blended learning practices
  • Development of asynchronous e-learning resources for students, teachers and students
  • Support for the development of online courses, modules and other learning structures
  • Development of communications, planning documents, protocols and procedures for online learning
  • Providing resources and customized tutorials focused on specific teacher and system needs, as well as the development of resources for families
  • Professional learning sessions (on-site and/or virtual) focused on supporting online teaching and learning and building of teacher capacity and confidence
  • Opportunities to connect with the larger online learning community, through learning networks, resource sharing and other collaborative structures