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We understand the demands of change. We can help you evidence growth and continuous improvement so everyone knows the impactful work you're doing for students across your school or your system!

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Looking to commission an external study or review to identify successes, gaps and recommendations to assist in moving forward?

Needing documentation to assist with grants or proposals?

Are you requiring documentation, such as handbooks, guiding documents or evaluation tools, to support the work of your team?

Our team has the experience and expertise to help!

Looking for feedback related to your Collaborative Response structures and processes?

Consider engaging in a school review or a Collaborative Team Meeting review process, to receive valuable feedback to help your school take the next steps.

The expectations and priorities placed upon today's leaders are extensive! Let us help by taking something off your plate!

How We Support

  • Coordination of Collaborative Response School Reviews and Collaborative Team Meeting reviews, to support in the ongoing refinement of Collaborative Response frameworks in a school or across a system.
  • Development of divisional procedures, handbooks, evaluation tools and other guiding documents, designed collaboratively with system leaders through an ongoing process of review and revision.
  • Development of analysis studies and subsequent reports to assist in the procurement of grants and funding, as well as provide an external review of existing programs.


Our new online learning school at Lakeland Catholic School Division had an extraordinary experience with Kurtis Hewson and his team at Jigsaw Learning. One of the greatest learning experiences we have had to date was the ability to record our collaborative response team meetings, forward the recording to Kurtis, and be provided with both written and oral feedback through a one on one coaching opportunity with Kurtis. This feedback was extremely valuable for our teams in order to continue working through our strengths, build on our weaknesses and move forward on making our meetings more productive and solutions based for our students.

Colin Desnoyers
Lead Coordinator - Lakeland Catholic Online Learning

Having the opportunity to participate in this review process has been extremely beneficial for our team. The written feedback from Kurtis Hewson was highly detailed and gave us fantastic next steps for us to reflect upon. It assisted us to further understand Collaborative Response in more depth and grow deeper into this practice. It was a fantastic experience!

Lori Jodoin
Coordinator of Student Learning - Lakeland Roman Catholic Separate School Division

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