School Leadership

We know that as administrators, you want to make a difference for your learning community and that you work tirelessly to make this happen. We’ve been there!

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You're a strong leader wanting to meet the needs of all students in your school and recognize that this requires a focused collaborative approach.

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Building a collaborative approach within your context is complex work requiring thoughtful structures and processes to help frame your work as a highly effective team.

We can help you put these pieces together with individualized support along the way. Please contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you.

How We Support

  • Establishment of ongoing leadership coaching, through onsite and/or online support.
  • Design and facilitation of onsite and/or online support professional learning workshops for leaders and/or potential leaders.
  • Creation of a leadership development series for aspiring leaders in a district or network of schools.
  • Establishment of leadership communities of practice, for networking and facilitated sharing of leadership practices, successes and challenges.
  • Conduct school reviews to provide individualized feedback and support for school leadership teams in a variety of areas.


As a new administrator, I value the leadership that Lana Nogue has provided to me. Lana has taught me about creating learning plans, facilitated the process around creating a Nutrition School Handbook and connected me with others who I can share ideas with. Lana's knowledge around school leadership is key to the progress of the work we have been tasked with. I have found that with Lana's mentorship, my own leadership skills have improved. Thank you, Lana and I look forward to continuing learning from you.

Charity Alook
Principal K-5 - Oski Pasikoniwere Kamik - Bigstone Cree Nation Education Authority

When coming to Winterburn, it quickly became apparent that Marilyn Schmitke has a core belief in the power and potential of people to affect change when they work together. She presented staff with the opportunity to look at school supports through a lens of student-centred conversations and a targeted approach to interventions - the Collaborative Response Model. Through a strategically crafted plan, creative scheduling and outstanding instructional leadership, Marilyn ensured the implementation of CRM was successful and sustainable. By her careful design, this strong collaborative environment has resulted in a profound shift in school culture to where teacher collective efficacy drives our work with students. Because of Marilyn's leadership, vision and commitment to supporting all students, we continue to use CRM as our framework to create structured supports to respond effectively to student's unique needs.

Elizabeth Ward
Assistant Principal - Winterburn School - Edmonton Public Schools

Marilyn Schmitke from Jigsaw Learning facilitated a professional learning opportunity for my teaching staff in August 2019. She prefaced the meeting with multiple conversations with myself to identify staff and school needs and draft a framework for the activities for the day. Marilyn was instrumental in providing me support, who, as a brand new administrator, was uncertain of how to move forward and apprehensive about how to address the sense of team as a new leader. Marilyn was a wealth of knowledge, providing multiple suggestions as to approaches that could be considered as first steps. Marilyn spoke with confidence and supported me through the process. Marilyn facilitated team building activities and then norm-setting with the teaching staff so that I was able to be a participant and work alongside my staff. Marilyn remained positive at all times while being realistic and addressing concerns of the staff through the process. It was an excellent day and set the foundation for an excellent start to... Read more

Sherry Pfannuller
Principal - Sangudo Community School