Strategic Planning

As we endeavor to achieve success for students, schools, communities and districts, it is paramount to strategically map out the path to success. The Jigsaw Learning team are skilled in identifying key strategic direction, coordinating teams and departments, and strategizing toward the creation and implementation of a vision for growth.


Kurtis recently facilitated some action planning for our school during a professional learning day. Kurtis’ ability facilitate a step by step process in creating our school goals, focuses and ensuring that all staff members had a valuable role to fulfill allowed for us to move forward with clarity for the coming school year in terms of our vision. Through purposeful tasks, our staff was able to collaborate and reflect deeply about the work we have completed and then to determine our priorities. Kurtis is a natural at ensuring that all players are part of the process. The templates and materials were seen as incredible assets to the process. We would highly recommend the Jigsaw Learning team to any school and jurisdiction team.

Alyson Archibald
Principle - Chamberlain School

Amber guided our staff through exercises to build a shared mission, vision, and values. Her workshop was responsive to our specific needs as a staff and she adjusted her workshop to allow more/less time to ensure everyone left with a consistent and thorough understanding of our individual and collective responsibility to supporting a strong and effective team culture that is honest and accountable. We are looking forward to applying our new skills to support even more effective collaboration and communication within our team.

Anne Martens
Principal - Pat Hardy Primary School