System Leadership

Are you a system leader with multiple priorities and increasing expectations, but with less support and resources? We too have had to struggle with all the expectations of leadership...yet produce results!

You are not alone!

We understand the complexities of managing a team responsible for leading learning across a system. It can be rewarding, but at times overwhelming and isolating.

We can help!

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We are here to guide and support you at the system level with structures, processes and resources that result in a cohesive team and an aligned plan for success.

How We Support

  • Personalized coaching and support for system leaders, providing assistance and consultation that is individualized and timely.
  • Creation and revision of foundational statements and guiding documents for the system and/or a number of departments across the organization
  • Review of existing strategic planning processes and documents at the school and district level, ensuring alignment with provincial and district priorities, as well as local mandates.
  • Establishment of work plans for the school, system, departments or individuals depending on the context. Work plans are focused on focus areas, strategies, timelines and deliverables.
  • Design and facilitation in professional learning workshops, in-servicing and support in a number of areas, including:
    • Collection and analysis of assurance data for data-informed planning
    • Development of strategic plans and aligned system processes
    • Design and facilitation of mission, vision, values and commitments
  • Facilitation of focused and intentional team building that creates collaborative, cohesive school or system level leadership teams.


Amber Hester led our staff through a review of our mission and vision as well as team building exercises. Her presentation was delivered in a manner in which all participants felt safe even when discussing vulnerable topics. Amber's feedback helped us move forward in building a stronger sense of team in our building with a renewed focus on why we are educators.

Brent Northcott
Principal - Hilltop High School

Amber Hester guided our staff through exercises to build a shared mission, vision, and values. Amber's workshop was responsive to our specific needs as a staff and Amber adjusted the workshop to allow more/less time to ensure everyone left with a consistent and thorough understanding of our individual and collective responsibility to supporting a strong and effective team culture that is honest and accountable. We are looking forward to applying our new skills to support even more effective collaboration and communication within our team.

Anne Martens
Principal - Pat Hardy Primary School