Wellness and Community

Do you feel like you are “just managing” at work?

Are you seeking an environment where everyone feels connected and supported?

We can assist you in developing strategies to support you, your students and your colleagues and help you lead a conscious and vibrant classroom community.

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We can help your educational organization by focusing on self-awareness and wellness, dimensions of team and the connected relationships that enhance a sense of community.

How We Support

  • Establishment of co-regulation learning series across a school or a system, focused on developing leadership skills to engage teams in co-regulation strategies to help support learners, the community and each other.
  • Development of classroom, school-wide and system-wide structures and processes to establish and deepen cultures of wellness
  • Design and facilitation of on-site and/or online professional learning workshops, related to:
    • Creation of a customized toolbox for building a conscious community
    • Exploration of strategies for self awareness
    • Strategies for mindful collaboration and facilitation