Mission, Vision & Values


Jigsaw Learning is a team of educators entrusted to work alongside partners to actualize Collaborative Response structures and processes that ensure success for all learners.


To transform education to a profession that ensures success for all learners through a Collaborative Response.


We are passionate about and value...

  • Connection, relationships and authentic collaboration as the foundation of our work.
  • Lifelong learning focused on surfacing opportunities for growth through professional engagement, collaboration and reflective practice.
  • Impacting change through seeking to understand context, reflecting on past, best and current practice and deciding together next steps that are appropriate for the organizations with whom we work.
  • Being strategic and focused on our support yet responsive and flexible for specific contexts and realities.
  • Caring investment in our partnerships to ensure responsive support, authentic long term relationships and genuine interest in the well-being of their organization and those who are within it.
  • Celebration and acknowledgement of the hard work that takes place by all to ensure learners are afforded the best opportunities possible.
  • Professionalism, integrity, honesty and being genuine with each other and those with whom we work.