Mission, Vision & Values

When it comes to meeting the needs of students, no one person has all the answers. Let us help you put the pieces together to realize the full potential of your team because every child deserves a team!


Jigsaw Learning supports the ongoing development and enhancement of impactful collaborative structures and processes to ensure success for all

To transform education to a profession that ensures success for all learners through Collaborative Response to ensure every child is supported by a team



We are passionate about and value...

Connection, relationships and authentic collaboration as the foundation of our work.

Lifelong learning focused on surfacing opportunities for growth through professional engagement, collaboration and reflective practice.

Being strategic and focused on our support yet responsive and flexible for specific contexts and realities.

Impacting change through seeking to understand context, reflecting on past, best and current practice and deciding together next steps that are appropriate for the organizations with whom we work.

Caring investment in our partnerships to ensure responsive support, authentic long term relationships and genuine interest in the well-being of their organization and those who are within it.

Celebration and acknowledgment of the hard work that takes place by all to ensure learners are afforded the best opportunities possible.

Professionalism, integrity, honesty and being genuine with each other and those with whom we work.