Jigsaw Learning to Begin Collaborating with Seine River School Division

Jigsaw Learning is excited to share it will begin work with the leaders of Seine River School Division for the upcoming school year to introduce and establish Collaborative Response. This partnership is intended to provide support for all school and divisional leaders to understand and begin implementing the foundational components of Collaborative Response, as well as introduce Collaborative Response to all staff across the division.

As part of the engagement, our Jigsaw Learning team will be providing the following supports:

  • A series of four school leadership days, working with school and divisional leaders to share expertise and deepen understanding of Collaborative Response across all schools.
  • Support for the senior leadership team to implement Collaborative Response from a divisional perspective.
  • Overview of Collaborative Response introductory session for all staff in the division.
  • Access to the Collaborative Response Membership for key school and divisional leaders.
  • Individualized in-school support for school leaders to establish Collaborative Response structures and processes in their own schools, taking into account individual school and community contexts.
We are very excited to introduce Collaborative Response to our first school division in Manitoba. We had the opportunity to meet with divisional leaders and schools through a two day introduction to Collaborative Response session in the Spring of 2023 and really look forward to beginning our ongoing relationship with the exceptional leaders and teams across Seine River School Division!

- Kurtis Hewson, Lead Learner and Co-Founder of Jigsaw Learning
We are really excited about how Collaborative Response will help our division refine our collaborative structures and build continuums of support in all our schools. Ultimately, we believe it will improve how we meet the needs and ensure the success of all our students.”

- Dr. Ryan Anderson, Superintendent/CEO, Seine River School Division

To learn more about how Jigsaw Learning could help your organization introduce, implement and deepen Collaborative Response efforts to have a substantial impact on student success and staff collective efficacy, access the Collaborative Response Across a System - Implementation Overview document. If you have any questions, please contact us at questions(at)jigsawlearning.ca.

Seine River School Division is located just south of the City of Winnipeg, providing education to the students from the communities in and around St. Norbert, La Salle, St. Adolphe, Île des Chênes, Lorette, Ste. Anne, La Broquerie and Richer. Approximately 4600 students attend their 15 schools.

Author: Nadine Wood