Jigsaw Learning to Continue Collaboration with Lakeland Catholic Schools

Jigsaw Learning is excited to share it will once again be engaging with the leaders of Lakeland Catholic Schools for the upcoming school year. This partnership marks the fourth year of ongoing partnership, aimed at enhancing Collaborative Response across all schools in the division to ensure success for students, staff and the greater educational community.

As part of the engagement, our Jigsaw Learning team will be providing the following supports:

  • A leadership retreat day in August, to reset and refocus Collaborative Response efforts for the division and all schools.
  • Comprehensive School Collaborative Response Formative Feedback for all schools in the division, with school leaders receiving robust feedback on their meeting structures, infusion of data and evidence and their continuums of support. School principals will also be involved in the feedback for a partner school, gathering student voices as part of the feedback process.
  • Ongoing support for the divisional senior leadership team, as they focus on sustainability of the work across the system.
  • Access for Educational Assistants to engage in the Educational Assistant Learning Series, with check-in support provided through the year, to further align connections to Collaborative Response.
  • Access to the Collaborative Response Membership for key school and divisional leaders
As we move into year four of support, we are excited for our team to support sustainability and deepening of Collaborative Response throughout the system. It is inspiring to see the efforts of the division and schools having such a tremendous impact on not only student success, but the ongoing support for all staff. The school division has worked hard to support a culture of collaboration across their entire organization.

-Kurtis Hewson, Lead Learner and Co-Founder of Jigsaw Learning
We see coherence as a result of the system wide implementation of Collaborative Response. With Jigsaw Learning’s support, Lakeland Catholic School Divsion staff are confident and competent in leveraging Data & Evidence, Continuums of Support and Structures & Processes to meet students' needs and ensure their growth.

- Pamela Guilbault, Superintendent

For the past three years, our team has worked with Lakeland Catholic Schools to implement and refine Collaborative Response across the system. This support has included leadership day learning sessions, an annual overview of Collaborative Response for all staff (both online and in-person), ongoing individualized consultation for school and divisional leaders, and feedback for their collaborative team meetings, as well as overall feedback for all schools. The team has also provided ongoing support for the senior leadership team, including co-writing an article sharing their Collaborative Response journey.

To learn more about how Jigsaw Learning could help your organization introduce, implement and deepen Collaborative Response efforts to have a substantial impact on student success and staff collective efficacy, access the Collaborative Response Across a System - Implementation Overview document. If you have any questions, please contact us at questions(at)jigsawlearning.ca.

Lakeland Catholic Schools have been providing quality Catholic education to the Lakeland region for over 40 years. The school division serves nearly 3000 students across 8 schools, with the divisional office located in the community of Bonnyville, AB.

Author: Nadine Wood