Jigsaw Learning to Continue Collaboration with Wetaskiwin Regional School Division

Jigsaw Learning is excited to share it will once again be engaging with the leaders of Wetaskiwin Regional School Division for the upcoming school year. This partnership marks the third year of ongoing partnership, aimed at enhancing Collaborative Response across all schools in the division to ensure success for students, staff and the greater educational community.

As part of the engagement, our Jigsaw Learning team will be providing the following supports:

  • A series of two school leadership days, working with school and divisional leaders to continue to share expertise and deepen Collaborative Response across all schools, along with a leadership online check-in session mid-year
  • Comprehensive School Collaborative Response Formative Feedback for half of the schools in the division, with school leaders receiving robust feedback on their meeting structures, infusion of data and evidence and their continuums of support. Schools not involved in receiving feedback will have leaders participate in the feedback for a partner school.
  • Overview of Collaborative Response introductory session for staff new to the division
  • Access to the Collaborative Response Membership for key school and divisional leaders
"We are excited to continue our working relationship with the outstanding leaders of Wetaskiwin Regional. Schools across the division have really taken up the Collaborative Response work with fidelity and passion and are seeing the structures and processes being implemented having a tremendous impact of students and staff across the division! We are looking forward to our continued working relationship."

- Kurtis Hewson, Lead Learner and Co-Founder of Jigsaw Learning
In Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools our implementation of Collaborative Response in partnership with Jigsaw Learning, has had a transformative impact which has been remarkable. We have evidence of the significant impact on collective teacher efficacy, a system-wide commitment to improvement, and the creation of powerful learning environments. Throughout the process, we have had significant support, involvement and commitment from our leadership teams. They definitely take center stage in driving the implementation. Following our strategic implementation plan with high fidelity has been key to our success. Our approach to implementation empowers teachers, providing them with scaffolded support, guidance, and practical tools to excel in their roles. This collaborative framework encourages teamwork, fostering a culture of continuous growth and a shared commitment to student success. Together, with our partnership with Jigsaw Learning and Kurtis and Lorna, we have witnessed a remarkable shift, where every stakeholder is actively engaged in creating an inclusive, innovative, and effective educational system.

- Kristien Holtby, Director of Educational Services

For the past two years, our team has worked with the Wetaskiwin Regional School Division to implement and refine Collaborative Response across the system. This support has included leadership day learning sessions, a divisional overview of Collaborative Response for all staff, ongoing individualized consultation for school and divisional leaders, and feedback for their collaborative team meetings.

To learn more about how Jigsaw Learning could help your organization introduce, implement and deepen Collaborative Response efforts to have a substantial impact on student success and staff collective efficacy, access the Collaborative Response Across a System - Implementation Overview document. If you have any questions, please contact us at questions(at)jigsawlearning.ca.

Wetaskiwin Regional School Division is committed to inspiring students to become the best they can be – both in the classroom and in life. Their teachers, administrators, staff and trustees are focused on helping students explore their talents, discover their interests and reach their full academic and personal potential. The division spans a number of communities south of Edmonton, with the divisional office in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

Author: Nadine Wood