Jigsaw Learning to Continue Collaboration with Northern Gateway Public Schools

Jigsaw Learning is excited to share it will once again be engaging with the leaders of Northern Gateway Public Schools for the upcoming school year. This partnership marks the eleventh year of ongoing partnership, aimed at sustaining Collaborative Response across all schools in the division to ensure success for students, staff and the greater educational community, as well as the development of a robust Quality Learning Environment across the system.

As part of the engagement, our Jigsaw Learning team will be providing the following supports:

  • Refining and deepening of the NGPS Quality Learning Environment
  • Individualized support for school leaders to refine and deepen Collaborative Response structures and processes in their own schools, taking into account individual school and community contexts.
  • Establishing a plan to support inclusive services, through professional learning, coaching and other consultation services to align Inclusive Education services with the Collaborative Response and Quality Learning Environments structures already in place.
I am so excited for the ongoing Collaborative Response initiatives within Northern Gateway Public Schools. I commend school and divisional leaders for their profound commitment to implementing Collaborative Response strategies throughout all schools, aligning them with divisional goals and ensuring the success of every student. NGPS has truly integrated Collaborative Response as the central focus of their efforts and are striving to sustain a Quality Learning Environment in each and every school across the division!

- Kurtis Hewson, Lead Learner/Co-Founder, Jigsaw Learning
Northern Gateway Public Schools values our partnership and continued work with Jigsaw Learning. Collaboration is central for Northern Gateway Public Schools and the partnership with Jigsaw Learning has been integral to the work. We have utilized the expertise of Jigsaw Learning as we strive to sustain a Quality Learning Environment in our Division. The learning has evolved and we continue to refine our understanding and application of Collaborative Response as well as continuing to explore next steps such as utilizing the WeCollab tool in our schools. Jigsaw Learning is a valuable Partner and education friend.

- Leslee Jodry, Deputy Superintendent

For the past eleven years, our team has worked with Northern Gateway Public Schools to implement and refine Collaborative Response across the system. This support has engaged divisional staff at all levels.

To learn more about how Jigsaw Learning could help your organization introduce, implement and deepen Collaborative Response efforts to have a substantial impact on student success and staff collective efficacy, access the Collaborative Response Across a System - Implementation Overview document. If you have any questions, please contact us at questions(at)jigsawlearning.ca.

Northern Gateway Public Schools operates 16 schools, four colony schools and four off-campus outreach programs, serving just under 5,000 learners in the communities of Alberta Beach, Onoway, Rich Valley, Darwell, Sangudo, Mayerthorpe, Whitecourt, Fox Creek and Valleyview.

Author: Nadine Wood