Join us for the Educational Assistant Learning Series!

In partnership with the Central Alberta Regional Consortium, Learning Associate, Collette Sylvestre, is facilitating an online Educational Assistant Learning Series!

Target Audience

Educational Assistants

About this Learning Opportunity

We know that as educational assistants, you go above and beyond, every day, in pursuit of supporting complex needs and impacting the lives of children, families and the learning community to which you belong. You are the vital connection many students need to be successful. This requires skill, dedication and patience beyond measure!

The challenges of supporting students and staff in an environment where teaching and learning needs are continually evolving is complex work.

This interactive and collaborative learning series is designed to provide staff who are currently in this complex role as well as for EA's new to the role with an overview of educational best practices in support of students and teachers. Participants will also develop an understanding of the importance of a common language and consistency in educational practices across a school or district.

Session 1 - Introduction & Roles and Responsibilities
Session 2 - Supporting Students with Medical and Disability Needs
Session 3 - Connecting with Community and Parents
Session 4 - Responsive Relationships
Session 5 - Professional Communication and Interactions
Session 6 - Overview Continuum of Supports & Tier 1 Toolbox
Session 7 - Tier 2 Toolbox Session 8 - Tier 3 & 4 Toolbox
Session 9 - Responsive Behaviour Supports & Behaviour Support Plans
Session 10- Connecting the Pieces

About the Facilitator

Learning Associate, Collette Sylvestre, brings over twenty years experience as an educator from preschool to the post-secondary level. She specializes in working collaboratively with administrators, teachers and educational assistants in building capacity through collaboration to develop authentic inclusive learning environments. She has a passion for leveraging technology to support students, teachers and administrators in their work in both face to face and online learning environments. Collette is passionate about learning and working with school partners in developing strategic plans to support all students within the framework of collaborative response.

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Author: Nadine Wood