Our Team

Our team includes exceptional educators dedicated to leading learners, supporting schools, and enriching education. By ensuring a collaborative approach to meet and honour the needs of each unique school context, we assist in establishing, extending and sustaining powerful collaborative learning communities.

As a member of the Jigsaw Learning team, we adhere to the following expectations in order to achieve our vision and strategic goals, while maintaining our foundational mission and core team values:

  • Align all team endeavors with the foundational mission and vision for Jigsaw Learning
  • Exemplify the values of Jigsaw Learning and adhere to the established commitments for our team
  • Engage in work that reinforces and supports collaborative efforts for educators and educational leaders
  • Remain focused on engaging in customized support for classrooms, schools, systems, educators, leaders and collaborative teams
  • Actively participate as required in ongoing Jigsaw Learning events and activities focused on building a visible and unified team
  • Actively promote the supports and expertise available through Jigsaw Learning
  • Maintain professionalism when engaging as a member of Jigsaw Learning, including appearance, communications and professional conduct
  • Commit to collaborate effectively with Jigsaw Learning team members