Aaron Block M.Ed., R. Psych

Registered Psychologist - Complex Needs, Trauma-Informed Practice, Behaviour Supports, Consultation and Assessment

Aaron brings a rich set of skills and experiences to our team in the form of psychological services accessible to our partners, as part of our Jigsaw Learning team. Aaron’s experiences across the province has developed his expertise in counselling, assessment, trauma informed practice, attachment, regulation, social emotional supports for all children from age 2 to adulthood. He is an experienced facilitator and presenter and provides universal, targeted and individualized supports across school systems.

  • Coordinate psychological assessment services related to intellectual, adaptive, social, emotional, and behavioral
  • Provide consultation related to complex needs including FASD, ASD, Addictions, and Legal issues.
  • Facilitate educational inservices focused on complex needs concerns such as trauma, attachment, resilience, social, emotional, and behavioral, as well as mental health concerns.
  • Coach in relation to strategies to improve the social, emotional, behavioral, and learning profiles of classrooms, schools, and districts across the learning continuum.

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