Arlene Littlemore

Learning Associate

Arlene Littlemore has successfully led the Collaborative Response Model within a number of schools in the surrounding Edmonton area. As a seasoned administrator and Associate with Jigsaw Learning, Arlene is a skilled facilitator and coach who readily supports leaders through planning and implementation. She has had the opportunity to engage in a number of school reviews across the province and through this process has gained a wealth of experience in how schools tailor the Collaborative Response Model to fit their unique context. She also has an outstanding level of depth in relation to Catholic education and purposeful planning of technology to support student learning.

  • 34 years of experience in the classroom, including 7 years as a division consultant in curriculum and technology integration as well as 10 years as a school administrator
  • Leadership and Mentorship Certificate from Leader2Leader
  • Engaging presenter and workshop facilitator
  • Over 5 years of successful school implementation of the Collaborative Response Model at the K-4, 5-8 and K-9 school level
  • Successful leader in all areas of school development and growth

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