Cheryl Gascoyne

Learning Associate

As a literacy specialist, Cheryl Gascoyne has designed, implemented, and supported school and district literacy initiatives. Her involvement as a Jigsaw Learning Associate has supported schools in coaching at the classroom level, facilitating district professional learning series, supporting leadership in schools, and providing resource support and implementation. She has had the opportunity to work in Pre-K settings through to high school and she is also experienced in teaching our First Nation, Metis and Inuit students. Cheryl has provided support and direction to new teachers and experienced teachers alike from universal classroom practice to designing specialized interventions for individual or small groups of students.

  • Experience in, and passion for, inclusion, early years, literacy and leadership. District leadership roles in literacy, learning and inclusion.
  • Extensive experience supporting schools and districts in establishing literacy plans, supports, and interventions.
  • Literacy coach, mentor, and presenter both within, and out of, province.
  • Over 20 years of experience in education (teaching, leading, and learning).
  • Knowledgeable about, and practical experience with inclusive programing within the early years.
  • Knowledgeable about, and practical experience with, various literacy assessments from screens to comprehensive assessment systems.

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Testimonials for Cheryl

Cheryl Gascoyne was instrumental in supporting our school with literacy growth and development. Her work with our staff has had a dramatically positive impact on how we support literacy development for our students. Cheryl worked elbow to elbow with our staff to improve our reading intervention strategies. She also helped us engage in a literacy partnership with the local university and she supported our work in finding appropriate literacy resources for our school. Cheryl worked along side the administrative team to develop a comprehensive school wide literacy plan. She was visible in the school, she worked alongside teachers and she regularly connected with the leadership team to determine next steps. Cheryl is an expert in the field of literacy and she took the time to really look at our strengths and areas for improvement. She helped us create a vision of literacy and we are forever grateful for her support. Cheryl changed how we support, implement and assess literacy in our school and the staff and st... Read more

Sonja Dykslag, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Principal - École Lacombe Upper Elementary School