Collette Sylvestre

Learning Associate

As a Learning Associate with Jigsaw Learning, Collette brings a wealth of experience specializing in supporting neurodiversity within inclusive learning environments, responsive behaviour, universal learning design, differentiated learning strategies, school leadership and educational consulting. With Jigsaw Learning, Collette works strategically with school district leaders, principals and teachers to bring the vision of Collaborative Response, as well as WeCollab, into reality through facilitating the development of effective plans for implementation. Through fostering collaborative relationships, Collette is highly skilled at supporting administrators and teachers with navigating blended face to face and online platforms to meet the needs of all learners within the context of Universal Design.

  • School and District collaborative leadership with both public and international private school systems
  • Extensive experience with strategic planning and inclusive support leadership
  • Masters degree with a specialization in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
  • Blended and Online Professional Development for child care workers with First Nations, Metis and Inuit Women’s Shelters in North Eastern Alberta
  • Over 20 years of professional experience preschool to college level in both rural and urban settings
  • Engaging presenter, facilitator, coach and mentor

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