Kathy Charchun

Learning Associate - Numeracy Planning and Coaching

Kathy Charchun recently retired after 30 years with Livingstone Range School Division. Kathy was the Numeracy Lead with Livingstone Range School Division and taught high school mathematics until serving as a K-12 administrator with most of those years as a principal. As an administrator, she continued teaching high school mathematics as well as a variety of subjects from K - 12. In her role as a Numeracy Lead, she supported K-12 math teachers, students, parents and administrators. Kathy’s primary focus as a Learning Associate with Jigsaw Learning will be providing numeracy support, particularly at the junior high and high school level.

  • 30 years of classroom and leadership experience in K-12 rural schools
  • Extensive experience as a mathematics classroom teacher, administrator and instructional coach/mentor
  • Passionate about promoting highly effective teacher practice
  • Passionate about success for all students

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Testimonials for Kathy

Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik School has had the privilege of working with Jigsaw Learning. They have provided us with support such as Numeracy Specialist, Kathy Charchun, who helps our school with purchasing the right resources and materials that align with our numeracy programming, supports teachers administer numeracy assessments and with their numeracy programming. Our numeracy programming begins with helping students develop reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in their number sense. This work takes our students places in which they are able to comprehend concepts quicker with confidence and fluency. This gives our students ability to move into other math curriculum concepts with ease. Kathy helps us build a strong foundation in math for our students.

Lisa Thunder
Principal - Oski Pasiknowew Kamik School - Bigstone Education Authority

Kathy Charchun has been working with our Jr./Sr. High Math Department at Fox Creek School for the past two years. Our teachers work closely with her on a regular basis. She has become an excellent mentor for the teachers offering them strategies and ideas to increase student engagement in their math classrooms. Kathy brings a wealth of experience each and every time she visits out school. In addition, we find her to be completely approachable when ever we need some supports for students and teachers. We are extremely pleased with the work she has done for us.

Ian Baxter
Principal - Fox Creek School

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