Kim Wedman

Learning Associate - Literacy/Numeracy Planning and Coaching, Beginning Teachers, Curriculum and Pedagogy

Kim Wedman has joined Jigsaw Learning through a partnership with Wild Rose School Division. Kim is a knowledgeable and accomplished curriculum specialist and supports schools and districts with a wide range of experience in literacy, numeracy, ELL, assessment, inclusive education, and the Collaborative Response Model. Kim has been involved in a number of Collaborative Response Model school reviews, is available for coaching and professional learning engagements, and has gained a wealth of experience in regards to various school models.

  • Over 20 years experience in the classroom with K-12 teaching experience, and district lead positions in student services, AISI lead, assistive technology lead, learning services coordinator
  • Focused on student and teacher growth in all areas - social, emotional, academic, and physical
  • Passionate about community connections with all stakeholders and published article in CASS Connections
  • Engaging facilitator of professional learning and workshop opportunities in literacy, numeracy, ELL, inclusive education, assessment and CRM topics
  • Committed to the school review process and strengthening school communities

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