Introducing Collaborative Team Meetings: Aligned Focus

When establishing collaborative team meetings, it's important that we start with a focus. Without an aligned focus for the conversation, we often default to discussing behaviors which often can lead to things that are outside of our locus of control.

Ultimately, we identify focus areas as aligned with our school improvement plans. This is a way that we can actualize the areas of improvement that we would like to be able to see in our schools.

When establishing a focus for your collaborative team meetings, pick one thing and keep that as your primary focus as you learn the process. So for instance, if your school has identified their focus of literacy achievement, then that will function as your focus area for a number of cycles of collaborative team meetings as you learn and walk through that process.

As you can see in this example from Buck Mountain Central School, the school had determined, in relation to their school improvement plan, three primary focus areas that they were trying to ensure success within literacy, numeracy and sense of belonging. They then aligned their planned collaborative team meetings with a specific area they were working to impact for students.

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Author: Kurtis Hewson