Lorna Hewson

Lead Learner / Co-Founder

Lorna Hewson is a passionate educator who is engaged full time with Jigsaw Learning as a Lead Learner and co-author of the Corwin Best Seller Collaborative Response: Three Foundational Components That Transform How We Respond to the Needs of Student. Lorna’s diverse roles in schools and districts has provided a wealth of experience in essentially every area of development in supporting the needs of schools, staff and students. With Jigsaw Learning, Lorna engages in a variety of support structures with systems, including coaching, mentoring, leading and facilitating schools and districts in the areas of Collaborative Response, designing and coordinating teams throughout systems, building literacy and early years frameworks, and designing inclusive learning frameworks.

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Testimonials for Lorna

It was an excellent and informative presentation. Lorna Hewson is wonderful to work with! She gave time for us to discuss and ask questions and was very pleasant and approachable.

Eaglesham School, Peace Wapiti School Division, September 2023

Collaborative Response sets out a pragmatic approach to collectively meeting the increasing complexity and demands within a classroom and a school community. Kurtis and Lorna Hewson provide multiple entry points for schools, leadership teams, and senior leaders to plan, act, and empower professionals in developing skills, structures, and processes to get to the heart of the issue and move learning forward for students.

Through understanding the role of assessment, collaboration, and a defined continuum of supports, Kurtis and Lorna Hewson lay out multiple entry points for schools, leadership teams, and senior leaders that will ultimately impact all students in achievement, inclusion and well-being.

Joanne Pitman
Superintendent, School Improvement - Calgary Board of Education

Our school is very lucky to have Lorna Hewson coach us in our journey in building a Collaborative Response Model. Our entire staff met with Lorna at the beginning of the year and then our small CRM committee has met with her twice outside the school at the school division office. All of these meetings have served our school well and have been very useful, but nothing has been more productive then the coaching sessions we receive from Lorna when she comes to our school and meets with teachers and admin either one on one or in a small group. This is when the collaborative response model becomes very personal and gains momentum in our school. Lorna is very skilled in meeting our staff right where they are at, and then knowing what our next steps should be. Her coaching sessions keeps our forward momentum rolling, keeps us focused on the key understandings, and holds us accountable to our plans we put in place. I have found her coaching sessions to be the most productive sessions I have experienced due to her ... Read more

Michelle Nevil
Principal - St. Patrick Elementary School

It was a pleasure to have Lorna Hewson join us for the day. We enjoyed Lorna's extensive knowledge on a variety of areas in Education. Lorna was able to problem solve with us as we move to our next steps. This was very powerful for us as we continue on our journey.

Valerie Norman-Organ
Holy Trinity School

Lorna Hewson has created a caring response to address needs she experienced first hand! Her thoughtfulness and attention to detail engages her audience and inspires them to believe they can implement the program successfully. She is such a warm and wonderful speaker!

Lesley Margetak
Teacher - Horace Allen School