Annual Retreat

"This was awesome. And even better? The learning continues thanks to all the recordings and reference materials. Thanks @Jigsaw_Learning. What a team!"

- Deb Marshall, Learning Commons Facilitator, Livingstone Range School Division

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"Collaborative Response has allowed me to view through a different lens the way we can support all students and build capacity in our teachers through meaningful and effective professional discussions - while utilizing the time and talents of staff in our buildings. I appreciate the commitment of the Jigsaw Learning staff and their willingness to support our team through our Collaborative Response journey."

- Stephanie Casper, Learning Consultant, Regina Catholic School Division

"This event provided opportunity for me to learn on my own time and also be active in conversations with other educators who are living this journey."

- Ashlee, Teacher, Northern Gateway Public Schools

"This event is what keeps the fire burning. Each session is a log on the fire that provides the fuel for the flame to keep us going as we move forward on improving learning and educational experience for all students."

- Austin Nunn, Assistant Superintendent, Westwind School Division

"L'approche collaborative me permet de mieux travailler, d'être plus efficace dans mon rôle de conseillère pédagogique, au lieu de travailler plus fort et d'ajouter à mon assiette déjà trop pleine. Le Symposium m'a permis de mieux comprendre les processus, les structures et les éléments clés de l'approche collaborative afin de les implanter au sein de notre Conseil et d'accompagner les écoles dans leurs démarches. Nous sommes tous des apprenants de l'approche et nous avons tous quelque chose à apporter, et cela fait en sorte qu'on est toujours en évolution... ensemble!"

- Barbra Deskin, Conseillère pédagogique, Conseil scolaire FrancoSud