Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning operates parallel to the Collaborative Team Meeting, providing teaching staff with the opportunity to work in teams in creating the resources, materials, lessons, and strategies that would support teaching and learning in their classrooms. Collaborative Planning time is an integral structure that ensures the supports that we are initiating through the Collaborative Team Meeting have dedicated time to be actualized in the classroom.

Access a number of resources and samples below, organized by a variety of topics related to impactful and aligned collaborative planning efforts to inform Collaborative Response practices.

Reflection Tools

The following tools can be used to reflect upon your structures and processes related to Collaborative Planning, as well as collect evidence to determine growth and impact over time.

Reflecting on Collaborative Planning - Template - Template to reflect on current Collaborative Planning structures and processes

Establishing a Team Focus

Whether establishing a team goal, inquiry question or focus area, it is important for teams to determine an overarching area of focus for their collaborative planning time, which should be alignment with the priorities established for the school. Through an examination of data, teams establish a focus for their collaborative planning that can guide professional learning, investigation of practice and adoption of common practices for student success.

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Team Planning Guides

A team planning guide provides organization and alignment for collaborative planning time for teams. By infusing an overarching focus on the team's focus area, teams can then use the guide to plan forward, make notes of their progress and provides leadership evidence of the team's progression through a school year.


Collaborative Planning - Division 1 Team Sample - sample collaborative planning time document from Our Lady of the Assumption School in Lethbridge, AB, sharing the intended focus for each weekly collaborative time established in the school.
Copyright 2022, M. Calder - Our Lady of the Assumption School, Holy Spirit Catholic School Division. Shared with permission.

Innisfail Middle School Team Planning Guide - developed by Innisfail Middle School
Copyright 2022, D. Schafer - Innisfail Middle School, Chinook's Edge School Division. Shared with permission.

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