General Resources

When establishing Collaborative Response in schools and districts, a systematic and strategic approach is necessary to ensure a re-culturing happens for educational teams. Shifting from isolated to collaborative practice is key in responding effectively to the diverse needs of all students. The following resources support an examination of school culture, strategic planning and more in relation to the introduction, development and sustainment of Collaborative Response frameworks.

Overview Resources

Collaborative Response Overview - A one-page visual overview and comparison matrix for Collaborative Response; includes a link to overview video, as well as core beliefs and distinctive features of a Collaborative Response framework

Bibliography – Anchor Resources – List of anchor resources fundamental in the initial theoretical development of Collaborative Response

Overview of Collaborative Response - An article describing Collaborative Response as a way of organizing ourselves to think about how we support our students, engaging the power of the collective team to identify and respond to student needs in a purposeful, solution focused manner that also ensures the ongoing building of organizational capacity throughout the staff team.

Top 10 Considerations When Introducing Collaborative Response - A common question asked by leaders, excited to bring Collaborative Response to their school, is "where do I start?" This article describes some first steps to consider when introducing Collaborative Response to your school staff team!

Planning Resources

Collaborative Response - Targets for Implementation - An overview of actions to consider when establishing, refining and sustaining Collaborative Response in a school, with links to resources and a suggested timeline for consideration in planning

Collaborative Response Action Plan – An action planning template to use for leaders or school teams to determine next steps in establishing collaborative response in schools

Reflection Tools

Reflecting on Collaborative Response (School-Based) - Template - Use this organizer to reflect on the foundational components of Collaborative Response, as well as the key element of Collaborative Team Meetings, to help to determine potential next steps

Staff Engagement Organizers

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Staff Room Posters

Collaborative Response poster - A visual overview of the foundational components of Collaborative Response.

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Divisional Collaborative Response for Schools

School divisions can utilize Collaborative Response to identify and respond to the needs of schools, focused on system priorities, to parallel the process schools use to respond to the needs of students.

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