Collaborative Response has allowed me to view through a different lens the way we can support all students and build capacity in our teachers through meaningful and effective professional discussions - while utilizing the time and talents of staff in our buildings. I appreciate the commitment of the Jigsaw Learning staff and their willingness to support our team through our Collaborative Response journey.

Stephanie Casper
Learning Consultant - Regina Catholic School DIvision

Collaborative Response is not a program. For us, it is a way of formalizing what we are already doing. It gives us a common format and vocabulary to ensure that discussions are intentional, relevant and actionable.

Treva Emter
Assistant Superintendent - High Prairie School Division

Our new online learning school at Lakeland Catholic School Division had an extraordinary experience with Kurtis Hewson and his team at Jigsaw Learning. One of the greatest learning experiences we have had to date was the ability to record our collaborative response team meetings, forward the recording to Kurtis, and be provided with both written and oral feedback through a one on one coaching opportunity with Kurtis. This feedback was extremely valuable for our teams in order to continue working through our strengths, build on our weaknesses and move forward on making our meetings more productive and solutions based for our students.

Colin Desnoyers
Lead Coordinator - Lakeland Catholic Online Learning

Having the opportunity to participate in this review process has been extremely beneficial for our team. The written feedback from Kurtis Hewson was highly detailed and gave us fantastic next steps for us to reflect upon. It assisted us to further understand Collaborative Response in more depth and grow deeper into this practice. It was a fantastic experience!

Lori Jodoin
Coordinator of Student Learning - Lakeland Roman Catholic Separate School Division

MASSIVE toolkit presented! The takeaways (a truly amazing amount of information) that Colin Byers shared is well organized and immediately useful, but I can also go back and continue learning from this jumping-off-point.

Jayne Schadeck
Senior High English Teacher - Sunchild School