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We had done Response to Intervention. We had done PLC work. We just felt like there was something not quite coherent about what we were doing. Then we found Collaborative Response!

Nicole Townsend
Principal - Buck Mountain Central School

Kurtis Hewson is an outstanding presenter. His skill for learning names and interacting with the leadership group was top notch. I really valued the journey he shared and that Collaborative Response may look like this now, but certainly didn't start this way. His insight on the evolution of this practice is so helpful for schools just beginning this process! The best professional learning opportunity a school leader can participate in!

Melissa Kerr
Principal - Mundare School - Elk Island Public Schools

As a school district that has been using data to inform practices for some years now, Collaborative Response has provided a structure to collectively increase our capacity to serve a greater number of students. Our school learning teams are understanding the intricate interplay of collaborative structures and processes, data and evidence, and continuums of support and the collective ability these elements have to equip school staff with tools to do their best work. Kurtis Hewson and Marilyn Schmitke understand the push-pull of system change and they navigate the challenges with positivity and wisdom. We are excited for year two with Jigsaw Learning and the opportunity to expand our understanding and refine our application of Collaborative Response.

Raymonde Roulston
Director - Early Childhood Education and Learning Support Services - Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools

Our school has benefited from a long and positive relationship with Jigsaw Learning. Initially, we worked closely with Kurtis Hewson to create opportunities for staff collaboration within our timetable and to build the structures that enable teachers to focus entirely on meeting the needs of all students. The change to our school culture was immediately evident making it easy to on-board staff, students, and families new to our building.

Recently, we have had the pleasure of working with and being supported by Marilyn Schmitke. Her breadth of experience and depth of knowledge have been integral in assisting with navigating numerous transitions in our school. Partnering with us to find new paths to collaboration and new ways to communicate, Marilyn has provided the guidance and structure we needed to continue this important work.

Elizabeth Ward
Assistant Principal - Winterburn School - Edmonton Public Schools

Jigsaw Learning has provided our staff a collaborative and actionable solution for supporting all students, and specifically students with diverse needs. With the implementation of the support plan program, staff is able to easily connect about student accommodations, documentation, behavioural supports, academic supports, and IPP goals in one user friendly place, creating a more functional system for implementation. Friendly, prompt, and effective support is always available to users through email and/or google connections. Jigsaw Learning has changed how we share strategies for learning, stay connected about student achievements and difficulties, providing a proactive solution when engaging with students, parents, and families.

Karen Belland
Teacher - Clearview Public Schools