L'accompagnement de Nancy dans le développement de notre approche collaborative nous a permis d'établir une structure et un processus de rencontre efficace. La rétroaction offerte par Nancy suite à nos rencontres, nous aide à orienter notre démarche et à avancer dans la mise en application d'une approche collaborative centrée sur les besoins de nos élèves et de notre équipe.

Marc Potvin
directeur - l'école Joseph-Moreau

Brenda Day Chief
Student Services Coordinator - Kainai Board of Education

By embracing and engaging in the Collaborative Model, we are continually increasing our ability to plan for and teach students in an individualized manner. In my administrative career, this model has easily been the most impactful structure that my schools have implemented.

Mike Flieger
Principal - Elm Street School - MHPSD # 76

After struggling for quite some time to find ways to help this student regulate, we contacted Barb Pears. Barb was able to shadow the EA and student for the morning and quickly identified the piece we were missing. Once Barb explained it, everything made so much sense, but we weren't getting to that answer on our own. Barb also showed us some tracking methods that would be more efficient for our team.

2019 Partner Consultation

The book Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model provides our school with several practical tools and ideas in furthering our systematic responses to intervention. Kurtis Hewson has provided our team with knowledgeable and personalized consultation. Moreover, he has linked us to a professional network of like-minded schools, and in doing so has facilitated practical, cost effective professional development.

John Holmes
Principal - Kate Chegwin School