MASSIVE toolkit presented! The takeaways (a truly amazing amount of information) that Colin Byers shared is well organized and immediately useful, but I can also go back and continue learning from this jumping-off-point.

Jayne Schadeck
Senior High English Teacher - Sunchild School

Our school staff had the privilege to work with Kurtis Hewson over three virtual sessions to explore the collaborative response structures and processes. Kurtis did a wonderful job drawing on the theory, research, and evidence-based best practices that helps create the components of the collaborative response framework. The three sessions were broken up over two professional development days and after each session our school staff became more inspired and invested in implementing the collaborative response model. Kurtis has an engaging way of presenting the material that connects to the realities of our school. He was able to promote high level conversation that helped our staff reflect on our current practices and start to look at where we want to go in the future to best support all students. The timeline of the sessions and the sequencing of the learning experiences enabled all participants to build capacity and maximize our time to collaborate with one another. As a school, we finished the learning ser... Read more

Kris Herbert
Principal - E.G. Wahlstrom School

I loved coming away from the final webinar in the series with a plan in hand for what to do next in our process towards using a collaborative response to address student needs. I love having access to so many different documents to help us in our journey, and seeing what other schools have created on theirs.

Etta Viens
Principal - EW Pratt School, High Prairie School Division

We have been working on a 4C’s approach to school transformation, these being Creativity, Critical Reflection, Communication and Collaboration. We have also been using a generative dialogue approach to enhance agency across the school. Collaborative response approach fits in well in our transformational journey. As a result we have articulated our non-negotiables/expectations across every classroom and this has led to us redeveloping our learning and wellbeing framework so that it compliments and reflects our 4 tiers of CR supports. We were interested in positively impacting the silent masses, those students who are under the radar and hence their lack of growth was not effectively addressed. The CR approach, especially with its tiers of supports, is allowing us to focus on those tier 1 & 2 classroom supports/practices to achieve this. It is early days but we are talking about students we have never focused on before and strategizing for their growth. This is exciting. Being a High School we are experime... Read more

Luke Bristow
Deputy Principal - Murwillumbah High School - New South Wales, Australia

Kathleen Robertson was, by far, one of the best prepared presenters I have ever had the opportunity to see. Kathleen really took into account what would help us, the attendees, incorporate the information, techniques and knowledge she was sharing with us into our daily practice, and provided the supplies to help us do that. Kathleen's knowledge and eagerness to share ways to help teach struggling readers really shone through. I would highly recommend having Kathleen as a presenter again. Well worth the time and money.

2020 Northern Alberta Educational Assistants Conference