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At Roland Michener Secondary School, we have established and conducted regular school support team meetings to support our students for the last three years. Last school year, we started to reflect on how we can maximize the effectiveness of our tier 3 school supports to ensure responsive actions take place for students requiring higher level supports. With the support of Jigsaw Learning, we began a transformational journey to help our school develop School Support Team Meetings (SSTMs) that are solution focused and action oriented. Jigsaw Learning was instrumental in helping our school based team clearly understand the purpose of the School Support Team Meetings, celebrate the school-based actions that are making a difference for students and then determine possible supports and next steps for students being referred.

Kris Herbert
Principal - Roland Michener Secondary School

Kurtis Hewson from Jigsaw Learning is such a powerful educator! He is an engaging presenter, experienced teacher, discerning administrator, and is the insightful creator of the Collaborative Response Mindset.

I have had the privilege of learning from Kurtis Hewson as a student teacher at the University of Lethbridge, specifically his assessment and classroom management courses. Kurtis proved his genuine interest in relationships by memorizing every name on day one. Even years later, he still knows who I am.

Kurtis has been a mentor and guide both directly and indirectly. Kurtis trained my previous admin and colleagues in the Collaborative Response structure, and I saw benefits within a matter of weeks. Recently, he came to my new school and the response was positive, productive, and efficient.

Grace Martin
Teacher - Olds High School

It was an excellent and informative presentation. Lorna Hewson is wonderful to work with! She gave time for us to discuss and ask questions and was very pleasant and approachable.

Eaglesham School, Peace Wapiti School Division, September 2023

In Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools our implementation of Collaborative Response in partnership with Jigsaw Learning, has had a transformative impact which has been remarkable.

We have evidence of the significant impact on collective teacher efficacy, a system-wide commitment to improvement, and the creation of powerful learning environments. Throughout the process, we have had significant support, involvement and commitment from our leadership teams who have been driving the implementation

Our approach to implementation empowers teachers, providing them with scaffolded support, guidance, and practical tools to excel in their roles. The collaborative framework encourages teamwork, fostering a culture of continuous growth and a shared commitment to student success. Through our partnership with Jigsaw Learning, we have witnessed a remarkable shift, where every stakeholder is actively engaged in creating an inclusive, innovative, and effective educational system.

Kristien Holtby
Director of Educational Services - Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools

Kurtis and Lorna’s leadership in the use of Collaborative Response as well as their extensive knowledge and application of research in education is extremely beneficial in moving student learning along. They provided facilitation and coaching with various levels of leadership within the school division. When working with our group of Learning Coaches, Kurtis and Lorna provided research behind response to intervention as well as practical application for the use of Collaborative Response. Their approach to learning and leading is collaborative and responsive to the needs of the groups with which they work. They also worked closely with school leadership teams to provide coaching as well as formative feedback for each specific team. The school teams were impressed by their ability to individualize each school’s situation, needs and challenges. Kurtis and Lorna also facilitated the research process for our divis... Read more

Leslee Jodry
Deputy Superintendent - Northern Gateway Public Schools