La visite de Nancy Roy a permis à nos directions d'école de mieux comprendre concrètement certains aspect de la méthode collaborative à la réponse à l'intervention. Son partenariat nous permettra d'avoir des discussions riches et facilitera la mise en oeuvre de notre plan d'action pour le FrancoSud!

Christian Roux
Directeur général adjoint - Conseil scolaire FrancoSud

FVSD staff in attendance were very pleased with the opportunity to have their questions addressed and to learn more about the capabilities of WeCollab in supporting the Collaborative Response Model in their schools. We appreciate the flexibility of the Jigsaw Learning Team in creatively addressing a variety of learning needs within a one-day learning opportunity.

Kathryn Kirby
Assistant Superintendent of Learning - Fort Vermilion School Division

I have worked with Kurtis Hewson and Jigsaw Learning with two different schools spanning K-12 and alternative education. Kurtis has done an excellent job differentiating guidance for the creation of a school/program specific CRM model and the delivery of professional learning. Kurtis is an excellent facilitator providing engaging and relevant learning activities for educators. Jigsaw Learning has been very helpful to both of the admin teams with which I have worked in responding to our requests as well as helping us anticipate next steps and future needs. Their work continues to be practical, user friendly, professionally empowering, research based and continually evolving.

Carolyn Jensen
Principal - Memorial Composite High School

Thank you so much for offering your services to our school district. We are excited to learn and implement the collaborative response model for our school. Making sure our students’ needs are met is our priority and it was great to see that it was a core value in the CRM.

Nazia Hiscock
Vice Principal - Thickwood Heights

When coming to Winterburn, it quickly became apparent that Marilyn Schmitke has a core belief in the power and potential of people to affect change when they work together. She presented staff with the opportunity to look at school supports through a lens of student-centred conversations and a targeted approach to interventions - the Collaborative Response Model. Through a strategically crafted plan, creative scheduling and outstanding instructional leadership, Marilyn ensured the implementation of CRM was successful and sustainable. By her careful design, this strong collaborative environment has resulted in a profound shift in school culture to where teacher collective efficacy drives our work with students. Because of Marilyn's leadership, vision and commitment to supporting all students, we continue to use CRM as our framework to create structured supports to respond effectively to student's unique needs.

Elizabeth Ward
Assistant Principal - Winterburn School - Edmonton Public Schools