Kurtis Hewson came out last spring to assist us in creating timetables. Our goal was ultimately to ensure that each grade grouping had set collaborative meeting time throughout the week. After spending the morning with Kurtis we walked away with not only embedded time but set, consistent blocks dedicated to interventions, a completed music and physical education schedule, all before the month of June was over! Kurtis worked with us side by side, leading us through a very thorough scheduling process that made collaboration and intervention time possible. I would highly recommend having him work with your team. The time spent is highly valuable, not only for the creation of schedules but for the leadership/expertise he shares. We have scheduled more time with him this year and are excited about the possibilities.

Jodean Gagne
Principal - Weinlos Elementary School

Amber Hester led our staff through a review of our mission and vision as well as team building exercises. Her presentation was delivered in a manner in which all participants felt safe even when discussing vulnerable topics. Amber's feedback helped us move forward in building a stronger sense of team in our building with a renewed focus on why we are educators.

Brent Northcott
Principal - Hilltop High School

The school review process facilitated by Jigsaw Learning was a valuable experience for our school! It highlighted school successes and led our staff through the process of defining next steps as a school team. We would definitely recommend this process to any school!!

Debra Mielke
Principal - Minchau School

Eckville Elementary School has been fortunate to benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of Barb Pears on a number of occasions. In particular, we have had a number of students whose behavioural needs we were unable to meet without assistance. In every case, consulting with Barb helped us develop new strategies that left the teachers and Educational Assistants working with these students feeling much more confident in their abilities to work with these students.

Barb used a collaborative, team approach in these meetings that involved all stakeholders – teachers, administrators, specialists and parents – and was very successful in bringing our ideas together into a cohesive plan moving forward.

In addition, Barb was, in every way, professional. She works with stakeholders in a manner that is non-threatening and considerate of their needs, but with a focus on what is best for the student as her primary objective.

Ian McLaren
Principal - Eckville Elementary School, Wolf Creek Public Schools

Amber Hester guided our staff through exercises to build a shared mission, vision, and values. Amber's workshop was responsive to our specific needs as a staff and Amber adjusted the workshop to allow more/less time to ensure everyone left with a consistent and thorough understanding of our individual and collective responsibility to supporting a strong and effective team culture that is honest and accountable. We are looking forward to applying our new skills to support even more effective collaboration and communication within our team.

Anne Martens
Principal - Pat Hardy Primary School