Resources & Samples

Jigsaw Learning supports students, educators, schools, and systems by recognizing that learning is a continuous and ongoing process: learners will truly understand when they have the background knowledge and skills that demonstrate readiness. As such, the support provided by Jigsaw Learning is built on the premise of building capacity, promoting independence, and ensuring sustainability.

The resources and samples provided will support the implementation and learning in many of the areas of support. We are happy to share these resources freely and would encourage you to download, modify, and adjust as you fit the resources to your context.

Collaborative Response

Resources and templates developed for use in schools and districts, in relation to Collaborative Response, as well as a number of samples from a variety of schools and districts.

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Beginning Teachers

Resources, templates and samples developed and collected, focused primarily on supporting Beginning Teachers.

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Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

Resources, templates and samples related to Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction.

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Educational Assistants

Resources, templates and samples related to Educational Assistants.

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Resources, templates and samples related to school-wide and classroom planning, as well as literacy resources for use in the classroom or at home.

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Responsive Behaviour Support

Resources, templates and samples related to Responsive Behaviour Support.

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School Leadership

Resources, templates and samples for school leaders, focused on topics such as team collaboration, data analysis and more.

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Wellness and Community

Resources, templates and samples related to Wellness and Community.

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