Is important information about students being lost as they transition from teacher to teacher? Harness the power of WeCollab to centralize your collective knowledge of students and their unique learning needs.


As a principal, coordinating responses for students and supporting teams can be overwhelming! WeCollab supports leaders in the ongoing examination of their data and evidence to inform their school-wide efforts.


Looking for an effective data system that can suggest, organize, and track supports for all students across the entire organization?

WeCollab provides a system-wide method to understand and respond to the needs of all students across all schools.

Key Features

  • Team Boards - Develop team boards to visually display levels of support
  • Team Meeting Protocols - Ensure norms, celebrations, and actions are infused in the collaborative team meeting process within the system
  • Collaborative Team Meetings - Conduct team meetings that record notes for multiple students, with descriptions, actions and supports then saved to individual student profiles
  • Embedded Supports - Record supports at the school and district level to assign to students, as well as navigate the Student Support Network, viewing interventions, strategies and accommodations developed by other users
  • Key Issues, Brainstorming, and Suggestions - Identify a key issue as part of the conversation during meetings and then brainstorm possible supports, with the system automatically suggesting supports from the school’s continuum of supports and the WeCollab Student Support Network
  • Actions and Supports - Select supports to assign to a student while automatically creating the actions for the person(s) responsible to both initiate the support for the student and review the support for its effectiveness. Assign actions to staff that may not be student specific.
  • Student Profiles - Contribute to evolving student profiles to support student-based conversations and transitions
  • Student Data - Record, display and monitor student data results
  • Email Notifications - Send automatic email notifications and summaries to ensure staff are aware of the actions they have committed to and are informed of changes for students to whom they are subscribed
  • Data Reports - Access student, school and district reports
  • WeCollab en français - Access the francophone option in which all language in the system is in French
  • District Functionality - coordinate team boards with students from multiple schools, keep notes and actions related to system support for schools and determine overall system functionality for consistency across all schools.
  • Student Support Plan Module - Choose this additional module that aligns with user familiarity of the WeCollab system to create organic and living plans for students
  • Privacy and Security - Feel confident that we recognize that the protection of student data is paramount and have ensured secure processes for login, data entry, and data synchronization.
  • Profile Alerts - Identify the reason a student might need to be brought forward in a meeting discussion and raise awareness to others in a timely manner (without having to wait until the next meeting).
  • Profile Subscriptions - Stay in the know through a transparent digital process that provides a way to keep tabs on students even when not present for every meeting about or encounter with a student.

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