Top Five For Collaborative Team Meetings

This year, we have been working with a number of districts throughout Alberta, exploring and deepening the essential elements and practices of a collaborative response model. In Northern Gateway Public Schools and Medicine Hat Public Schools, this has involved regular Collaborative Response Model Leadership Days where school-based teams, along with district leadership, come together to celebrate progress, network across schools, learn about more advanced processes and structures, and develop next steps.

At recent leadership days in both districts, we reflected on the collaborative team meetings that they have established in their schools and through reflective discussion in cross-school teams, worked to synthesize the “Top Five” things to know and understand when setting up and engaging in these student-focused meetings. Here are some photos of their synthesis work, which were also posted to Twitter using the #ngps10 and #sd76 hashtags.

Thanks to these committed leaders for sharing their learning and continuing to work to establish coherence in relation to collaborative response efforts in their districts!